Glad THAT’S over;

I’m seriously thinking this is my toughest semester yet (3rd one so far). Last week I had a report due that I spent quite sometime doing & then this week, today actually, I had another one due. I met up with a friend on Tuesday night to finish off some calculations for a property construction report but we realised….we had a long way to go!

After getting kicked out of the library at 10pm, we went to the 24 hour computer labs & continued away but with a lack of snacks, we didn’t last long. Then come Wednesday, we did it all over again….this time until 2:30am.

Luckily I got the morning off work so I had time to put it all together this morning before handing it in this afternoon. And boy do I feel good knowing all my assignments are behind me & it’s just exams left in 2 weeks time.

Now, I’ve got a quiet night planned for tomorrow night before an early morning Saturday, where I’ll be driving down the coast for my yearly tradition, Groovin The Moo. It’s a one day music festival and this year, I’m super excited to see City and Colour, Hilltop Hoods, Public Enemy and Hermitude. The full line up can be found HERE.

More about it after though!

One thought on “Glad THAT’S over;

  1. It’s such a thrilling feeling when assignments are handed in (or an exam is over) and you can finally breathe. I’ve got my eyes on the goal and cannot wait until I’ve got all my stuff done for this semester and can finally chill for a minute (and then work almost full time all summer…) It’s awesome that you’ve got this festival planned for the weekend, the perfect break before hitting the books again. Have fun!

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