Let’s Write… How Do You Start Your Day?

Would have no problem waking up here! Source: Tumblr

Every Monday, Melinda at Mumma in Heels will be posting up fun questions to answer so your readers can get to know you better. I’m all about this! Take part and post your link HERE.

I’ll try not to be gloomy about how I start my mornings but waking up at 5:35am is taking its toll on me! I usually snooze until 5:55 before rolling out of bed and walking to the kitchen like a zombie with my eyes closed (quite a sight!). I usually cut up an apple and sometimes make a green tea and then go back to bed to check twitter & instagram while I slowly wake up. By this stage I’m awake enough not to stick toothpaste on my face so on goes the makeup and if I feel like it, sometimes the hair is straightened. Then I’m out the door by 7am to either work or uni.

I feel tired just thinking about my routine. I hope everyone elses routine is a bit more exciting than mine!


9 thoughts on “Let’s Write… How Do You Start Your Day?

  1. Oh, sorry to make you tired! LOL. Thank you for joining in anyway.

    I have a feeling a LOT of us have a spot for Instagram and Twitter in our morning routines 🙂

  2. Oooo I love this idea – of answering questions, getting to know everyone better 🙂 I might participate! Your morning starts as early as mine – but sadly mine is optional! Im up at 5:15am every morning to hit the gym for an hour – .. then home, tv, coffee, breakfast then getting ready 🙂 Im such a routine girl that I am happy as long as I have my routine.

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