My digs;

At the moment, I’m currently digging:

– Winter coats….especially trenchcoats because even though it’s highly unlikely to rain in Perth, they look awesome with jeans & boots

– The super catchy “Daydreaming” by Flux Pavillion ft Example

– Lara Bingle’s new bikini bod in the latest OK! Magazine (and the fact her new show Being Lara Bingle airs Thurs 7th June!)

– Mumma in Heels & She’s Sonic’s fab little site Shop Me Chic which has gotten me out of my work wardrobe dilemma

-The thought of having a sleep in tomorrow & only 3 hours of lectures which brings me to…

What I’m not digging:

– This damn cold. I can’t taste chocolate 😦


2 thoughts on “My digs;

  1. Hang in there hun, hope your cold blows over quickly so that you can enjoy your day, and your chocolate. I’ve been home all day bored out of my mind trying to find the will and motivation to study… bleh.

    • I’m drinking as much tea as possible, all that’s left now is this dry, hard cough (which is horrible in public!)

      Like you always tell me, don’t stress, tomorrow is a new day, hopefully a day filled with motivation 🙂

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