I’ll have a regular-large cup thanks;

I have no idea why but three times this week, I have woken up from bad dreams. By bad I mean, I’ve had dreams about getting kidnapped, murdered and attacked. Not the best way to start the day!

I was however, lucky to have a sleep in this morning & was able to take my time getting ready over some morning blogging & tea drinking. If only every morning could start like this!

I went onto campus for a 10am lecture followed by lunch with a twitter friend who works around the corner. I bumped into J from class going into the cafe and didn’t have the guts to say I was meeting someone but it all worked out well, we had chats about Europe and my silliness (ordering a tea and asking for a regular-large cup when the girl asked me if I wanted regular OR large and then asking for a roll when I meant wrap…sick brains don’t function well) amongst other things. Hooray for new friends found via twitter!

After uni, I stopped by the shops to pick up the latest addition to the mac family….papa mac! He is gorgeous ❤ I allowed myself the evening to relax, tea in hand as I watched the latest episode of Gossip Girl. What can I say, it’s my guilty pleasure!

Now here’s hoping I have a productive weekend of study ahead of me….or else I’m screwed for exams!



5 thoughts on “I’ll have a regular-large cup thanks;

  1. Anya it sounds like a purrrfectttt day 🙂 It really does. I have decided to only start working 4 days a week in my lead up to Europe so I can take some time for me between a crazy work schedule and a crazy travel schedule – to have more days like the one you just described! We will have to organise to have a coffee (maybe get courts involved?) at the hangout bar soon to continue your catch ups of new friends on Twitter 🙂 x

    • Oh that’s a FAB idea! Even 1/2 a day a week does it for me, a full day would be perfect! What day are you thinking? SInce I work around the corner from The Hangout, definitely think we should meet up for a coffee or even lunch. I am dying to try their menu!

      I met Matt at uni since he works across the road. How perfect has this all worked out!

      What’s your final last day at work? x

  2. I’m thinking Friday I think? Or Monday? For obvious reasons haha I prefer the idea of Friday off though 🙂 I’m keen for coffee or lunch – I’m dying for a burger there (although everything on their menu is fab). Even on a weekend? But it will have to be in a weekend or two> we’ll see if Courts is keen! I love that you caught up with Matt! (possible love interest perhaps? 🙂 haha My final day hasnt been decided yet but very soon – then im doing some temp for a HR company to get some experience before I go away 🙂 x

    • Friday would be a great ‘me’ relaxing day but I think Monday would be ideal for planning because you have less distractions….well that may be just me, I find it IMPOSSIBLE to focus on a Friday, always in such a happy-bouncing-off-the-walls mood haha.

      If we do it after next Thursday, I’ll be a freee lady! I have my last exam then! We will all have to meet up soon though! How exciting 😀

      Oooh good stuff! Do you have a HR company in mind? Such an action lady, I love it!

  3. HOW exciting 🙂 🙂 I remember the relief i felt after finishing exams every semester 🙂 But you know what, you’re SO right. Monday would be better to kick start productivity and I am now probably going to do that one! Thanks 🙂

    Yes ok well we’ll plan for after next Thursday then and work it around a time we’re all free….and I sure do 🙂 I have already lined it up! haha 😛

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