The Big Verandah

I’ve often thought about one day just packing up & moving to the country to build a house with a big verandah, where nothing interferes my views. I don’t think I’m being unrealistic here, I only have to move a little bit out of the closest town because all you really need are the bare minimums, especially if I plan to live simply.

As much as I love the city and my work is currently city based, it doesn’t mean that it will be forever. There’s so many things I can do with my profession in property that I’m not worried about the little details at the moment. Time to audition for ‘The Farmer wants a Wife‘?

If you want some inspiration for a house in the country, follow The White Verandah.


2 thoughts on “The Big Verandah

  1. Oh wow, what a house!! That post you linked to is so fascinating. I like seeing “before and after” pictures like that, which take you through the motions of building the whole house. I also daydream all the time about packing up and moving to a little cottage in the middle of nowhere, away from distractions.

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