Couldn’t even tell you the date today;

You know those moments when you look at the calendar and think, “No that can’t be right!” when looking at the date? Or when someone says a certain date and you have no idea how many days away that is?

That’s been happening a lot to me recently. I’ve booked appointments on the wrong day (thinking it’s Friday when really it’s only Thursday), I’ve nearly missed appointments and I’ve even turned up to appointments on the wrong day (true story last week!)

I’m putting this down to the fact I’m doing too much. I’m packing so much into my days, they are just flying past & I’m regrettably missing precious moments. I did choose to fast track my degree so I can’t really complain about it during semester but I’m in need of some serious tips on how to do less AND feel okay.

I’ve always been that girl that’s working two jobs & studying, doing this & doing that. Somewhere along the line, I’ve forgotten how to actually live.

Anyone else the same and want to slow down? Or anyone been that busy person & learnt how to be happy doing less?


4 thoughts on “Couldn’t even tell you the date today;

  1. Oh my dear Anya how I can relate. I believe however, its not so much a matter of being able to slow it down now and with age, it just seems to speed up more and more. My greatest lesson in life this year is to be, to let it go, to live in each moment 🙂 Whether that be stopping for a cup of tea whilst taking a break from an assignment or staring out the window at your favourite autum leaves, just savour those moments and realise you’re here, and have breathe and what a beautiful gift that is! xx

  2. I can relate completely to this post, I’m having such a hard time keeping track of the days lately (let alone the date). I’ve had to remind myself three times already today that it’s Friday (and it’s only 8am!) My problem is that I can never say no, when people ask me to do something I almost always say yes. I’m working on changing that though because I’ve realized it’s just not possible to do everything, I need to think of myself sometimes and say no when I know I don’t have the time or energy to do whatever someone is asking me to do. It’s hard, but I’ve noticed that (most of the time) people understand if you just explain that you’ve got too much on your plate. Maybe start there? Start saying no to things, don’t take on everything you’re offered or asked to do.

    • I got a letter yesterday, addressed Thursday 31st (aka the day before) and had a mini freak out thinking it was a week ago. Shocking how caught I am at the moment to stop & realise what day it is!

      Oh believe me, my automatic response is always no these days but it’s kinda hard when it’s work or uni related. I have got all of next week off work for exams though which is a total relief.

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