Let’s Write: How Do You Relax?

Happy Monday! I now love Monday’s thanks to Mumma in Heels. This weeks Let’s Write topic is: ‘How Do You Relax?’

The things I do to relax depend on how much time I have. If I need a little bit of time out from study or work, I take a walk around the block. Just 5 minutes of fresh air does wonders. Work is very cool with this because they understand that a stressed brain is a useless brain.

If it’s half an hour, I like to take a bath & read a book. If I’m at home, I’ll sometimes take my book outside and sit on the deck (we face a park which has a relaxing effect on you).

If I have a few hours to spare, I like to go to the beach in summer and just walk and then go for a paddle or if it’s cold, I go to the indoor pools and then have a sauna after. I am a complete water rat!

Another one of my (new) favourites which can take between 2-20 minutes is meditating. I only recently learnt how to meditate…I have never been able to silence my brain until last week! It’s the perfect workplace technique when I don’t have enough time to go for a walk or I feel like I’m too far in the moment. A little bit of meditation helps settle my mind.

But how could I forget my number one relaxant these days….tea. A cup of camomile with honey makes everything better.

I’ve realised one thing though: my idea of relaxing is a solo mission. I get tired round others so the above are ways I recharge my batteries & readjust.

Now it’s your turn! Do you have some tips I’ve missed? I’ve love to know!


5 thoughts on “Let’s Write: How Do You Relax?

  1. Oh I am so happy to hear you love Monday’s now! Thank you.
    Do you have any tips for meditating? I’ve tried once before but have so much trouble switching off!

    • Nothing like some blogging inspiration on a Monday!

      I was taught to count to 10; 1 counts as a breathe in and breathe out. If you find your mind wandering, start again. It took me a couple of goes to get past 1 and I managed to get to 10 with the help of a teacher around….at home not the same story! I will keep trying though. It’s such a perfect little exercise that only takes 1-5minutes each time!

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