Stand still;

A collection of photos I’ve taken over the years

Last night, I decided to update my flickr account, something I haven’t done in about a year. After I uploaded a collection of my favourite photos over the past year, I took the time to look at things I’ve done over the years and the places I’ve been.

Although I’m currently in a stand still with university & work taking over my life as of late, I know I will never be in one place for too long when the world is such a beautiful place, every corner of the globe awaiting to be explored and observed. There is so much beauty in this world and if there’s one thing I was born to do, it’s to see that beauty with my own eyes. I don’t have a long list of things I want to see & do in every city, all I’ve ever dreamed of, is to just go somewhere new and stand still. Watch the people, traffic and days pass by and capture a glimpse into someone else’s life.

If you have the time, you can check out a collection of my favourite photos I’ve snapped over the years in a fraction of the world I’ve seen so far: here.

Just breathe;

Two years ago, I got a tattoo on my forearm saying “breathe” as seen here, as a constant reminder to stop and appreciate life, not to get too wound up and remember to step away from certain situations. It works on most occasions when my forearm is in sight….other times? not so much.

After not working for the past two days due to stress related reasons, this post ‘Have you overloaded your life?’ couldn’t have popped up at a better time. Now excuse me while I have a bath & read Scoop like Yaz has recommended!

Happy weekend all! x

My life manual;

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I meet someone new (especially a love interest), I want to find out all the quirks about them early, to you know, save time down the track. I follow Virgo Nation (my star sign) on Twitter and as much as I don’t like reading horoscopes, I can’t help but relate to 99% of the Virgo traits.

So here’s a little list of things I’ve found that describe me perfectly….hope they help you get to know me a little better & still love me for all my little quirks 😀

– Virgos have a tendency to look at and think about things very deeply before they act or decide to do something.

– Virgos thrive on constant activity because a virgo with an idle mind is a virgo who is worrying.

– Virgos like to be mentally prepared before entering into most situations.

A virgos personality can sometimes be intense, which could either attract a strong mind or offend a weak one.

– Virgos can get lost in love when they find it. That’s why they don’t go there often.

Once you cross the line with a virgo, you’ve reached the end of the road.

If a virgo sets their mind to something, they have to do it no matter what.

– If a virgo seems emotionless, it’s because you haven’t affected them in that way.

– Any vulnerable feelings and emotions a virgo has, they’ll never let you know exactly how deep it runs.

– Female virgo turn on: intellectuals.

– Virgos always know how to put their minds to use. Whether it’s to get a job, make money or get to the bottom of bullsh!t

– A virgo can easily break down a person’s personality.


Now the above pretty much sums me up perfectly. Who else thinks they suit their horoscope?

Like a version: Thundamentals

There’s a radio station in Australia called Triple J that has artists coming in weekly to sing live. Firstly, they do one of their own songs & then they do a cover of someone else’s song. The week just gone, Thundamentals, a hip hop trio from the Blue Mountains in New South Wales came in and sung one of their classics, “Paint the Town Red” and then covered the famous Matt Corby song, “Brother“.

Check out Thundamental’s version of Brother and let me know which one you like better:

Wise Wilde;

Other than seeing a friend on Friday night and family throughout the weekend, I did my own thing the rest of the weekend. I enjoyed sleeping in both mornings (a total luxury compared to the other 5 days a week) and was glad to finally have a weekend where I didn’t have to be anywhere before noon. I made a list earlier this month with things I needed to do this winter break and I finally got round to two of them this weekend: organising my room & with that comes, getting rid of 1,000 things. There’s still so much cleaning to do but I managed to get rid of 233 things this weekend! Nearly a quarter!

My favourite part of the weekend (other than talking to my best friend S) was going to my favourite ice creamery (one which I worked at 5 years ago), getting a scoop of cookies & cream ice cream in a fresh waffle cone & sitting by the river eating it. The sun had already gone down but the sky still looked breathtaking. I contemplated asking some friends that live near by to meet me by the river but at the last minute decided I rather go alone. I’ve had so much on my mind recently, there’s no better place to think things through than by the water.

How was everyone else’s weekend? Did you enjoy your own company or someone else’s (or both)?

Living two different lives;

There’s half of me still in New Zealand. Every time I go back, I just pick up where I left off, drive around the places I grew up and say hi to friends & family. I’m constantly with my friends, we hardly even do anything other than talk, chill out & drift between each others houses in the winter and the beach houses/caravans in the summer. There’s never a moment of dullness because everyone has such vast ideas on how to pass time.

Then there’s the other half of me in Perth. This half works long hours and studies even longer. This half keeps to herself, the slightest social interaction requires recharging of the batteries at twice the time. This half has a few close friends, no big groups. Weeknights are usually spent at home (winter) or at the beach (summer).

What was originally only supposed to be a few months, has turned into a split between the two cities for the past 5 & a half years. I’m currently half way through my degree which excites me like nothing else. If I continue to keep my head down here in Perth, I could finish it in even less time but we’ll see how it goes.

Soon; my life will no longer be split between two cities.

Latest obsession;

So last week I received some little goodies for my iphone. For the price of $49, I got four new lenses for my phone (two are joined together). There’s the fisheye, macro/wide angle and telephoto lens. Over the weekend I snapped away with every lens except the telephoto (it zooms in, a little boring, no?)

First off, here’s an example of the wide angle lens. It’s perfect for sneaky/lazy little photographers like me because 1) you don’t have to move to get everything in the frame and 2) no one around me at work noticed me snapping away at my computer screen like a weirdo. Plus, the wide angle lens also has a little bit of a fisheye feel to it in that it curves a little which I love because I found the fisheye to be a little much for me…

The fisheye. I thought I would enjoy you more but maybe it’s a little early to decide just yet. I only got the opportunity to snap a few different objects…me being one of them. It turned out okay other than the stupid face I was pulling; I won’t rate the fisheye just yet.

And now to the other part of the wide angle lens- the macro! I fell in love with this one…once I realised how close it had to be (pretty much touching I realised). Who knew the ground could be so interesting?

What do you guys think? Fan of any of the lenses? Interested to try them for yourselves? They can be purchased here.

Keep in mind these were shot with a iphone 3GS camera….will post more photos once my new iphone arrives (hence why I delayed this post and STILL failed miserably)