The day I truly appreciated architecture;

On Thursday, I was given the opportunity to walk through the Schmidt-Lademann House, a Iwanoff masterpiece for work. Before I stepped foot in that house, I wasn’t too phased by his other pieces (found here) but this was something else.

Some have gone as far as to say it’s the best house in the universe, I would have to say some parts of it is pretty amazing (valuing houses for a living sure doesn’t make you turn your head at the words ‘best house’). The property itself is located opposite a park with not much traffic passing by and the house falls below the road, making it pretty hard to look into majority of the windows from the street. The property has a high fence & security gate to the front, making it really private but this doesn’t ruin any of the views from the ground floor or upper level.

Built in 1959, extended in 1970 and again in 2004, there’s some parts of the house that really stood out for me. The lounge room, looking out over the front yard, in the photo below brought back some memories of New Zealand for me (I don’t know if it was the wood or the minimalist styling that was similar to a friends place). But just standing in that room, I felt a certain vibe about what kind of life you could make up living there. The glazing to the front made the room feel so bright, warm and just so relaxed.

The room (below) that joined the front lounge was known as the dining but it could double as an alfresco with its cedar lined ceiling and polished timber floorboards that were similar to the decking. This room had the lounge to the left and the pool and outdoor area to the right that was separated by a wall of glazing (my favourite!)

The outdoor area wasn’t anything special so I’ll move onto my next favourite: one of the bedrooms upstairs. It faced the road (although you couldn’t tell with its view) and it had so much natural light shining in, I had serious bedroom envy.

My last favourite part of the house was the latest edition around 2004, the master bedroom’s ensuite. One wall was stone & another was all glass with sneaky cupboards you can pop out. Ahhhhh, I didn’t want to leave!

Unfortunately, if you take away the furniture (which will be happening with the sale), the house will not even come close to the level of amazing it’s currently at. Whoever put that house together, complete with all the quirky art pieces and other pieces not posted above, I would like to give them a BIG round of applause.

What do you think of the house? You can see more photos here (where I got the select few above from).


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