Winter Break;

First semester of 2012 is officially over! After 3 exams in the space of 18 hours, I can happily throw out all my notes (or in my case, scan and save to an external hard drive like the awesome person I am). This semester I was enrolled in 3 units: Building Cost & Construction, Economics and Property Market Analysis. All were interesting and at times, stressful but I’m definitely studying the right degree for me. I found myself reading up on so many different property issues the past few weeks (nothing to do with exams but hey that’s procrastination for you!) and I’m just so fascinated by it all.

Next semester, I’ve enrolled in Property Law (YES! inner geek in me is so excited), Property Investment Analysis and Property Valuation Methodology. As it all relates to work, it makes it that much easier to absorb and understand. I would of failed half the course if I didn’t have the work experience I do.

Now, until the next semester, I have 5 weeks to get a few little somethings done:

List as many things on Ebay as possible. It’s time, my hoarding days are over!

Read 2 books I bought what feels like years ago. ‘Weapons of Mass Instruction‘ by John Taylor Gatto and ‘Frames of Mind‘ by Howard Gardner (I’ll be reviewing both once I’m done!)

Organise my room. I moved house 2 months ago and everything is still in boxes. I’m thinking Ikea & Howard Storage World for inspiration on storage ideas.

Tax stuff. Boring. So boring & tedious but um, hello holiday $$$

Start my little challenge of getting rid of 1,000 things. I’ve given myself 9 months. Who thinks it’s possible?

Rest? What’s that?


4 thoughts on “Winter Break;

  1. Your To do-list for your vacation sounds like me. I have a lot of little projects I’ve been piling up that need to be taken care of now during my time off. Selling stuff (like course literature I won’t ever need again, and maybe some old stuff of mine I’ve got stored at mom’s place) on ebay is one.

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