One Day;

Photos 1-3 & 7-9 were taken by me in Berlin, 2011

If I didn’t want to already move to Germany in the future, I definitely do now after reading Olivia’s post, ‘What I know about Germans (not Bavarians)‘. I absolutely fell in love with Berlin when I was there (see this post and this post) & the country side I was able to see, thanks to the beautiful view on the train from Berlin to Prague.

Reading Olivia’s observations made me remember all the great things about the place & the people. I would love to spend some more time there, exploring and living like a local. Even though I was only in Berlin for a few days last year, I felt instantly at home…..and I don’t even speak a word of German (I did learn however!)

I’ve come to the realisation I will never be settled; I will forever be a resident of the world. Because why settle when there’s beautiful places like LA, New York, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Stockholm, Bali and more?


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