It was love at first sight;

Thank you Pinterest once again for linking me to beautiful architecture & interior design.

The Carpinteria Foothills Residencelocated 10 miles east from Santa Barbara in California, is situated on a hill overlooking the coast line with open plan living that screams ‘perfection’ to me. You can read more about it HERE because there’s no way I could describe the house as well as Dave from The Contemporist so I’ll let the photos do the talking.

The entrance

The view from the other side

Hallway/ Gallery….those floorboards ❤

The library….check out that stone wall!

The living area

I would happily cook in a kitchen like that

And finally, the master bedroom

More photos of the residence can be found here. I can’t decide which part of the house I love more: the kitchen or the master bedroom, I’m a sucker for views (if that’s not already obvious?)

 Now excuse me while I daydream about one day being a part of such a beautiful house, whether it’s designing something like that or living in it (a girl can dream!)



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