Weekend snapshot;

– It all started with drinks at work on a Friday afternoon

– End of exams (for me) meant celebration time!

– I organised drinks at the local pub with a few people from work

– I wore my new blazer (tux cut), jeans, black ankle boots & an old top that has never let me down

– Work put on free drinks, pizza & garlic bread for the first hour & a half. So nice of them!

– As J went to the bathrooms, B & I took this opportunity to take photos of ourselves on her phone

– I woke up to these photos sent to me HA!

– Saturday, I went for Lunch with Anna from Lifes Shiny Pretty Things where we chatted for two & a half hours about life, blogging, travel, relationships & just about everything in between. Such a beautiful & inspiring young lady!

– Saturday night was spent in the bath, reading a book

– Sunday (today) we had freakishly windy weather….as you can tell from my reflection in the car window.

– Sunday afternoon was spent at 50ml, one of my favourite cafes located in Leederville

– Late Sunday afternoon was spent saying goodbye to a girlfriend going to Japan (so jealous!)

– Rest of the afternoon was spent reading the paper

– Blogging, emailing & reading from bed as I watched the rain pour down

Now that university is over for the semester and I have 5 weeks break, I’ve been able to go out for lunches & drinks with my friends and it has made me come to a very sad realisation. I have been so unavailable to all of my friends the past few months which has made many not call me because they know how busy I’ve been so they didn’t want to bother me. I’ve been so self absorbed this semester with work and uni, I’ve only just learnt all the things going on with my friends. As much as it’s important to finish this degree as quickly as possible so I can become a qualified valuer, coming out of this degree with no friends is not worth it.  I’m thankful for this weekend & this break that I’ve been able to open my eyes & realise how much I’ve let some friendships slide. Things as simple as a message or a quick hey tell conversation can do wonders as I’ve learnt.

Let this be a lesson to all- friends are more important than anything else in life. Yes, there’s that famous old saying that good friends will always be around, no matter how long you don’t speak for but a phone call or a visit every so often lets them know you care & you think about them.


8 thoughts on “Weekend snapshot;

  1. I can completely relate. I’ve noticed this about my life too and it makes me sad. Literally the day after my final exam I called up a friend I hadn’t talked to in ages and we booked to go for coffee on Tuesday. As soon as school was off my mind my top priority has been getting in touch with friends again, I feel like they’re all gone… 😦 It’s like you say, friends are more important than anything else in life.

    • I feel like I need to write a list of all my friends & schedule a time in my phone when to message them! I think about all my friends on a daily basis but it’s always when I’m driving or on my way into work/uni & then I’m too busy to send the message to let them know I’m thinking of them.

      I need to improve that!

  2. You really DO have a beautiful and whimsical blog here missy – your writing style and photos always take me away – or absorb me for the minutes while I’m reading. Your weekend actually sounds perfectt (& not just because I was part of it! haha) … I hear you loud and incredibly clear with making time and prioritizing friends however. No matter what they’re so so important in our lives and we have to always remember it. You are so astute though and will always be fine no matter what – we HAVE GOT to go to that fav cafe of yours in Leederville, never heard of it / been before but looks amazingggg xx

    • Aww thank you! ❤

      You know what, every single time I'm crossing the road to go to 50ml, I always stop for a second & think it's closed down because the entrance is SO tiny & you wouldn't know it was there unless you're looking for it!

      Must go there asap! xxx

  3. Sounds like my kind of weekend! I need to go for drinks some time soon to celebrate being off from Uni. And you know how I love to relax at a café with a cup of coffee and something sweet. 🙂

      • Haha, I’m guilty of that too. When I find a favorite I go to the same place ALL the time. I’ve been so bad at going to cafés lately though, I miss it. Yet another thing I need to do during my time off now – find some new cafés to love.

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