Sad & lonely without S;

Today I found myself driving to the South Perth foreshore, parking up in the rain and having a good cry. I had just heard something I didn’t want to hear and a flood of emotions washed over me today & I found myself calling my best friend S in New Zealand. But she wasn’t in NZ, she was on her way from Brisbane to Auckland which was a good 4 hour flight (she’s an air hostess).

Those 4 hours felt like a lifetime but once I finally heard from her, I had calmed down & could finally think straight. It feels like it’s been weeks since we’ve last talked properly because in between her flying & my exams, our free times have clashed. It also doesn’t help that I’m 4 hours behind so by the time I finish work on a good day, it’s bed time in NZ….that’s if she’s home, flying doesn’t keep her home much.

The conversation was brief but we’ve arranged a time we’re both free tomorrow…finally. It’s days like today that I really hate having my best friend 8,000 km’s away. I long for the days where I can get in my car & drive to her house, or like 5 years ago, where I could walk to her house around the corner. I’m fortunate that I’ve gotten to see her so many times a year recently but with the chaos in both our lives at the moment, the future is looking very uncertain. We always manage something, so who knows.

Hanging up the phone tonight, both of us in tears, made me realise I need her around more often.


11 thoughts on “Sad & lonely without S;

  1. Oh Anna you sweet thing, I hope everything is ok. It’s actually good to have a old fashioned cry sometimes, and this weather was actually perfect to do it in, with the privacy in your car from all the rain. Let me know if I can help with anything


    • Stuck in the middle of a crossroad at the moment! I’m hoping an answer will come to me soon but in the meantime, definitely feeling a lot better after a little cry yesterday & 3 hrs of phone calls with my 3 best friends!

      Thank you darling x

  2. Breakfast Saturday morning with Morgs if you’re keen – we think we’re going to try a place called Dizzy Witch in Northbridge? Orrrrr we can go to that place that you love in Leederville??

    • I have to go to Freo on Saturday morning AGAIN!! 4th time now, but this time I’m getting my money back & never returning grrrrr. Then I’ve got lunch in Freo.

      What’s the weather forecast like? I would love to do the bridges! Do you have a raincoat? haha.

      Or we could do Leedy, I’m free pretty much all weekend so far (other than the times mentioned above) x

  3. Hmmm well ill text you when I work out another moment over the weekend – we could even do Sunday morning maybe? You poor thing having to go back to Freo though 😦 😦 Oooo yes if the weather is nice we’ll do the bridges!! I like to do them in the morning though – but we can work around the weather – as long as its not windy we can just take umbrellas. x

  4. Oh, hun. What happened? I’m so sorry I just read this now, I would have asked you earlier in my email otherwise! I feel so bad. I’m here for you if you want to talk about it. I know that feeling of missing close friends – especially in situations when you really need them to be close. So many of my friends have moved far away (either to other parts of Sweden or abroad) and it sucks to not have them close enough to just call and meet for a cup of coffee when I need to talk. 😦

  5. P.S I cannot tell you how many times I’ve told people (and thought to myself) that I wish you lived closer. I consider you one of those friends who I wish, wish, wish was close enough for me to just call and meet up with. So many times I’ve found myself in moments or situations when I’ve thought “I wish I could call and meet up with A and spend the afternoon talking to her”.

    • We both need to finish uni ASAP! Either you move to this side of the world or we meet somewhere in between because we’re clearly living in the wrong climates for us both!

      It’s moments like these where I realise just how big the world is. My closest friend is still 8 hrs flight away & you’re 24 hours 😦

      Soon T! xxxx

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