New goodies;

I’ve been tossing up for MONTHS about what lens I want to buy next for my DSLR. I don’t use my camera all that much these days unfortunately so deciding on what one lens would be the most practical is so tough!

I have been however, using my iphone to snap away at everything, thanks to my instagram obsession.

I mentioned last month that I purchased something off the photojojo site but it was out of stock. Well my order finally arrived! (See photo above). When I received the order at work, I was like a little kid on christmas day- I could not wait to play with my new toys!

I have snapped some photos with the new lenses but photos will have to wait because the only subject I’ve experimented on is my messy room & I don’t think everyone wants to see that!

Stay tuned for photos this weekend!


8 thoughts on “New goodies;

  1. Wait. What? What are they? Little mini lenses for your iPhone? That is SO cool!! Can’t wait to see what photos you snap with them.

  2. Cant wait to see your new and improved photos 🙂 I wish I could take better photos, I keep blaming it on my 7yr old camera but I actually think its me 😦

  3. HOlyyyyyyyyyyyy shit Anna – this has blown my mind?????? I might have to get some for Europe? Morgs keeps saying he doesnt understand why I still snap pics on my iphone when we have the good cameras now but iphones are sooo good for snapping little snippets of your life or how you view it in the spurs of the moment. Seriously can’t wait until you post some pictures 🙂 xx

    • UMMMM you’re speaking to the girl that owns a DSLR, digital camera, several disposables AND a polaroid yet I only use the iphone! There’s no better quality than the DSLR but the iphone wins with its convenience I’m afraid!

      & then there’s also the new polaroid that is as small as a digital camera….yes I have a problem haha.

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