Not so sunny Saturday;

This weekend was a rather quiet one. I had my big ‘end of semester’ celebrations last weekend and because I organised a group of friends to celebrate with me, I got a whole lot of catch ups all ticked off at once. Score! On Friday, I wasn’t feeling too social so after work, I went into the city to do some shopping (more about this in my next post though!)

After a much needed 11 hour sleep Friday night, I met a friend in Fremantle on Saturday for lunch at an Italian Restaurant called ‘Tabella‘. The food & wine was delicious, the wait staff were so nice & the interior was so gorgeous. Highly recommend the place if you’re from Perth!

Straight after lunch, I zapped off up the road to North Fremantle to a cafe/restaurant I’ve been meaning to check out for YEARS. It’s called Harvest, located on Harvest Road. It’s got this gorgeous little front courtyard that is used 80% of the year, the interior is very cosy & the bathroom is located outside in the garden- very Freo-like!

I met my dear friend K there who has spent the past 3 months living on the east coast in complete isolation, finishing off her thesis. She’s probably one of the busiest girls I know but while she was over east, we got to speak on the phone every week so this catch up was more of a ‘what’s next?’ than anything else.

The more time I spend in Fremantle, the more I want to live there. Getting to work would be a complete pain but living only 5 minutes from my favourite beach and the coast would be totally worth it. I could see myself living here or here.

Do you guys like the little journal I found above? I was early for lunch and walked into an old favourite store, Red Tiger & saw this little book. I feel like the book was written personally for me, it’s so perfect! It will always be found in my handbag wherever I go, you never know when you need a good rant!



2 thoughts on “Not so sunny Saturday;

  1. What job opportunities are there for you in Fremantle? Would it be possible for you to move there and get a new job once you’re finished studying?

    • Oh it will be no problem once I’ve graduated with the company I’m at because I’ll be road based, until then, I am office based 30 mins drive away from the coast unfortunately 😦

      As you know, I suck at waiting!

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