Latest obsession;

So last week I received some little goodies for my iphone. For the price of $49, I got four new lenses for my phone (two are joined together). There’s the fisheye, macro/wide angle and telephoto lens. Over the weekend I snapped away with every lens except the telephoto (it zooms in, a little boring, no?)

First off, here’s an example of the wide angle lens. It’s perfect for sneaky/lazy little photographers like me because 1) you don’t have to move to get everything in the frame and 2) no one around me at work noticed me snapping away at my computer screen like a weirdo. Plus, the wide angle lens also has a little bit of a fisheye feel to it in that it curves a little which I love because I found the fisheye to be a little much for me…

The fisheye. I thought I would enjoy you more but maybe it’s a little early to decide just yet. I only got the opportunity to snap a few different objects…me being one of them. It turned out okay other than the stupid face I was pulling; I won’t rate the fisheye just yet.

And now to the other part of the wide angle lens- the macro! I fell in love with this one…once I realised how close it had to be (pretty much touching I realised). Who knew the ground could be so interesting?

What do you guys think? Fan of any of the lenses? Interested to try them for yourselves? They can be purchased here.

Keep in mind these were shot with a iphone 3GS camera….will post more photos once my new iphone arrives (hence why I delayed this post and STILL failed miserably)


6 thoughts on “Latest obsession;

  1. I use the macro setting on my camera all the time now that I’ve figured out how to! Your right you have to get really close, but its great for food and flowers and stuff like that. Have fun with your new toys πŸ™‚

    • I tried to use it a few times and was like, “WHY WON’T IT FOCUS!” but once it’s touching the object, it looks awesomeeeee.

      I’m going to be that strange girl that’s holding her phone against EVERYTHING from now on haha

  2. A-HA so THATS how you were getting those cool fish eyed lense looks on instagram all weekend!!!! πŸ˜› I was wondering how! I think that one is almost my fav. The macro is awesome but Im not the type to ever get that low to take a photo, im more of a close up of things kinda gal – theyre all so groovy though and I still am obsessed with the idea of them p.s love that beach shot in fish lens! xx

    • I think I had like 2 mins to snap that beach shot & all the waves were crap….didn’t want to put up that photo but had no other fisheye 😦

      Will keep snapping away though!

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