More to add to the collection;

On Friday night, I went shopping with the full intent to see what else is available these days because at the moment, my whole work wardrobe is from Portmans (or so it feels like it!) I think I went into about 5 other stores before giving up & going into my beloved. Everything I tried on either clung in the wrong places or was ridiculously priced.

As I was trying on this black dress from Witchery, I thought back to my high school days when I used to sew. The dress from Witchery is made of Viscose which can be purchased for under $10 a square metre and because the dress ties up at the waist, you only need to draw the sleeves and that’s about as technical as it gets.

I do miss the days of sewing things from scratch or even just tailoring pieces to fit better. I’ve reached that point where I can no longer waste hours going through countless shops & finding nothing I like. So looks like it’s time to look into buying a sewing machine! But until my sewing career is up in full swing, I’ll continue buying the rest of the Portman’s catalogue.


4 thoughts on “More to add to the collection;

    • Yeah I used to all the time in high school, took design as a class aswell but once I moved to Australia, I never got round to getting a sewing machine again.

      And I’ve never struggled so much with clothes fitting! I guess I’ve never been such a perfectionist too!

      I made & will continue to make simple stuff like long floaty skirts, loose dresses that tie up- that sorta stuff. Am super motivated to get back into it though!

  1. Anna I never knew you could sew – you talented thing you – how jealous I am haha You should get back in to it when you have a little time…that is one thing Id LOVE to learn – how to sew, and just whip up simple dresses when required. Ca-ute!


    • Haha I used to be very creative! Painting, sewing, going around shooting with a disposable, writing short stories & such. I’ve lost that painting motivation & haven’t gotten round to buying a sewing machine in Aus but I still have that writing passion so pretty keen to get back into it again.

      Spotlight make it SUPER easy to sew, they have little drawings so you just cut your fabric to the paper and sew away! They’re not all daggy either. Then from there, you either make your own cut outs or you do free hand 🙂

      Ahhh just talking bout it makes me wanna start sewing again!

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