Living two different lives;

There’s half of me still in New Zealand. Every time I go back, I just pick up where I left off, drive around the places I grew up and say hi to friends & family. I’m constantly with my friends, we hardly even do anything other than talk, chill out & drift between each others houses in the winter and the beach houses/caravans in the summer. There’s never a moment of dullness because everyone has such vast ideas on how to pass time.

Then there’s the other half of me in Perth. This half works long hours and studies even longer. This half keeps to herself, the slightest social interaction requires recharging of the batteries at twice the time. This half has a few close friends, no big groups. Weeknights are usually spent at home (winter) or at the beach (summer).

What was originally only supposed to be a few months, has turned into a split between the two cities for the past 5 & a half years. I’m currently half way through my degree which excites me like nothing else. If I continue to keep my head down here in Perth, I could finish it in even less time but we’ll see how it goes.

Soon; my life will no longer be split between two cities.


5 thoughts on “Living two different lives;

  1. I’ve thought about going to visit the town and area I grew up in, on the countryside in northern Sweden. I’ve only got few friends that still live there in the area though, but it would be nice to go and just see how it feels, how I feel being there.

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