Wise Wilde;

Other than seeing a friend on Friday night and family throughout the weekend, I did my own thing the rest of the weekend. I enjoyed sleeping in both mornings (a total luxury compared to the other 5 days a week) and was glad to finally have a weekend where I didn’t have to be anywhere before noon. I made a list earlier this month with things I needed to do this winter break and I finally got round to two of them this weekend: organising my room & with that comes, getting rid of 1,000 things. There’s still so much cleaning to do but I managed to get rid of 233 things this weekend! Nearly a quarter!

My favourite part of the weekend (other than talking to my best friend S) was going to my favourite ice creamery (one which I worked at 5 years ago), getting a scoop of cookies & cream ice cream in a fresh waffle cone & sitting by the river eating it. The sun had already gone down but the sky still looked breathtaking. I contemplated asking some friends that live near by to meet me by the river but at the last minute decided I rather go alone. I’ve had so much on my mind recently, there’s no better place to think things through than by the water.

How was everyone else’s weekend? Did you enjoy your own company or someone else’s (or both)?


2 thoughts on “Wise Wilde;

  1. Im a bit like you, I quite enjoy my own company. I dont need to take a friend with me to the shops or for a walk, I like being alone with my own thoughts sometimes. We all need some me time every now and then 🙂

  2. I’m too good at spending time alone, I need to spend more time with people, haha. I had a good weekend. Midsummer’s eve on Friday on the boat and then dinner (grilling) at mom’s yesterday for midsummer’s day. Today I’ve taken it easy pretty much all day…

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