Like a version: Thundamentals

There’s a radio station in Australia called Triple J that has artists coming in weekly to sing live. Firstly, they do one of their own songs & then they do a cover of someone else’s song. The week just gone, Thundamentals, a hip hop trio from the Blue Mountains in New South Wales came in and sung one of their classics, “Paint the Town Red” and then covered the famous Matt Corby song, “Brother“.

Check out Thundamental’s version of Brother and let me know which one you like better:


2 thoughts on “Like a version: Thundamentals

  1. ANNA! Ah-ma-zing. I saw a few statuses about this when it was on but didnt happen to catch it, effing love their cover though….I get the feeling that Corby would have loved this too. I need this on my ipod!!!!! xx

    • I’ve lost count how many times I’ve listened to this like-a-version, my favourite by far!

      Google ‘How to convert youtube to mp3’ there’s a website, it takes 5 mins and bam, it’s on your iphone/ipod šŸ˜€

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