My life manual;

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I meet someone new (especially a love interest), I want to find out all the quirks about them early, to you know, save time down the track. I follow Virgo Nation (my star sign) on Twitter and as much as I don’t like reading horoscopes, I can’t help but relate to 99% of the Virgo traits.

So here’s a little list of things I’ve found that describe me perfectly….hope they help you get to know me a little better & still love me for all my little quirks 😀

– Virgos have a tendency to look at and think about things very deeply before they act or decide to do something.

– Virgos thrive on constant activity because a virgo with an idle mind is a virgo who is worrying.

– Virgos like to be mentally prepared before entering into most situations.

A virgos personality can sometimes be intense, which could either attract a strong mind or offend a weak one.

– Virgos can get lost in love when they find it. That’s why they don’t go there often.

Once you cross the line with a virgo, you’ve reached the end of the road.

If a virgo sets their mind to something, they have to do it no matter what.

– If a virgo seems emotionless, it’s because you haven’t affected them in that way.

– Any vulnerable feelings and emotions a virgo has, they’ll never let you know exactly how deep it runs.

– Female virgo turn on: intellectuals.

– Virgos always know how to put their minds to use. Whether it’s to get a job, make money or get to the bottom of bullsh!t

– A virgo can easily break down a person’s personality.


Now the above pretty much sums me up perfectly. Who else thinks they suit their horoscope?


3 thoughts on “My life manual;

  1. I have always been sceptic to, and don’t like reading, horoscopes. I’ve always believed people who write horoscopes are just making up a bunch of bullshit and getting people to pay for it, and that pisses me off. However, I agree with you about Virgo Nation, I discovered them when you retweeted some of their tweets. It’s amazing how spot on most of their tweets are, and I can relate to several of the ones you’ve highlighted above.

    • I find with horoscopes, you force yourself to chase something that isn’t really your fate. I do like to read them the following day & just laugh at all things that DIDN’T happen though.

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