Stand still;

A collection of photos I’ve taken over the years

Last night, I decided to update my flickr account, something I haven’t done in about a year. After I uploaded a collection of my favourite photos over the past year, I took the time to look at things I’ve done over the years and the places I’ve been.

Although I’m currently in a stand still with university & work taking over my life as of late, I know I will never be in one place for too long when the world is such a beautiful place, every corner of the globe awaiting to be explored and observed. There is so much beauty in this world and if there’s one thing I was born to do, it’s to see that beauty with my own eyes. I don’t have a long list of things I want to see & do in every city, all I’ve ever dreamed of, is to just go somewhere new and stand still. Watch the people, traffic and days pass by and capture a glimpse into someone else’s life.

If you have the time, you can check out a collection of my favourite photos I’ve snapped over the years in a fraction of the world I’ve seen so far: here.


8 thoughts on “Stand still;

  1. I hear you, I have a huge passion for travelling as well. There is so much to do and see out there in the world and the best bits are finding the local eaters and bars, the local hangouts and parks, and blending into a different place. Travel really made my character develop, time to think about myself as a person and who I am and who I want to be in this world. Never stop discovering this amazing world we live in 🙂

    • I will never forget this one tour guide I met in Berlin that took us on an alternative tour which looked into the street art & the squatting headquarters and just some other forgotten places in Berlin. Afterwards, a few of us tagged along to a place just out of the city & ate the most delicious beef goulash for dirt cheap (HUGE portions too!) You just don’t get to experience that going off a list of things to do!

  2. Beautifully written and beautiful meaning to it all. As much as I have my plans and goals I think all I really want to do is pack a suitcase and pick a different place to explore all year round. I think its incredibly profound just before I go on my big trip what I read about you just wanting to stand and watch. Thats what its all about really, seeing, experiencing and learning about cultures and different sights and people. Lovely post from a lovely girl xx

    • Aww thank you Anna! Because you’re going to be traveling for so long, it’s going to be so important for you two to not be constantly moving. Go beyond the city centre and interact with the locals! Also see my comment above about a tour I did in Berlin that was exactly just that: showed me more to the city than I had ever planned to see.

      • Yes yes don’t you worry that pretty head of yours Morgs and I are the biggest ‘back street’ travellers you’ll meet! (Apart from yourself it would seem)….Tourist things are great, sure, but we are travelling to immerse ourselves in locals cultures, history, food & music. Give me dingy back street restaurants with generous servings, local music and no english speakers anyday!! 😉 xx

  3. I feel like I haven’t been anywhere in the world when I hear of your travels and see your photos. I’m so jealous. Most of my trips the past couple of years have all been the same – going to the US to visit my relatives. That’s what’s been my priority these past years and also what I’ve wanted to do, but I’m also kicking myself for not travelling more to new places. I want to explore and see more, I’ve seen the same places in the US over and over again now that I’ve visited frequently. Hopefully I’ll be seeing a new part of the US soon though, with NYC.

    • But realise you have lived in Prague, right in the middle of Europe & traveled to the US countless times, something I wish I could do more of (the 24 hour flight does NOT appeal to me very much!)

      Don’t worry, I always tell myself to go to new places but find myself constantly returning to NZ, Sydney and Melbourne but every trip is different because of the moments we create so don’t kick yourself too hard!

      You’ll be going to NY before me, so get ready to do a whole lot of story telling & advice giving! x

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