Sudden urge to Skydive;

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Not sure if I’ve mentioned it enough but I LOVE heights. When I was backpacking through Europe, I made sure I climbed the tallest tower in every city. Being so high up and seeing a place just run for miles is so breathtaking. And you can bet I try fly during the day as much as possible so I get to see the city I leave & arrive in, the view never gets boring (even flying in & out of such a small city like Perth).

This year, I went on my first helicopter experience, flying over the Perth CBD and now, I’ve made it my goal to do one over Sydney and the Gold Coast of Queensland. But my love for heights has only deepened this year… I have a sudden urge to go Skydiving, something I never thought I would do.

This sudden urge to go Skydiving may have something to do with my change of thinking this year. Amongst the books I’ve read, the blogs I’ve browsed and the captivating quotes I’ve seen on various social media sites, fear no longer controls my life. My desire for control and plans has gone out the window and instead, I’ve adapted a care-free attitude that is more accepting of change and the unknown.

And what better place to go Skydiving than over a beach like Byron Bay? The combo of heights & water/coastline pretty much sums me up as a person.

Now, all I need to do is convince my best friend S to jump with me!

The Windsor Hotel;

Garden area, Windsor Hotel

Whenever I have friends visiting me in Perth, I make sure to bring them to the Windsor Hotel located in South Perth.  It’s my favourite pub in Perth because it offers so much variety. There’s the garden area as seen above and below, where the sun always manages to shine. You may remember, I had my 21st birthday celebrations here last August.

Walking up to the back garden bar

Then there’s the front bar that actually looks like a high end bar, it has couches and a fire in one corner, TV’s and high tables and then tables outside.

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And then there’s the new section, known as the ‘Verandah Bar’ as seen below:

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Plus, there’s also another function area, restaurant, indoor bar AND a few function rooms. This place, has it going on! If you’re not convinced yet, surely this salad will:

Chicken ceasar salad

Mulled goodness;

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It’s taken me a while to get round to trying mulled wine. You see, I’m not a red wine drinker (I can see my friend Anna dropping her jaw in horror right now) because I’m a sweet tooth and struggle to find a red wine that is enjoyable (other than Dolce and a select few I’ve sampled over the years).

While I was in Melbourne, my friend Paris took me to this cute little bar called Ponyfish which is located under the Yarra Pedestrian Bridge in the city. I was a little reluctant to try some of their mulled wine but because I randomly decided to go to Melbourne a few days prior I thought, “why not?”

Why had I not tried this sooner?? When I got back to Perth, I sent a mention to Tweet Perth to see if there’s some nice little places in Perth that do mulled wine and got plenty of responses. If you’re from Perth or visiting, here’s some places to check out:

The Aviary– Perth City

The Garden– Leederville

The Inglewood Hotel– Inglewood

Bar 399– Highgate

You can bet I’ll be trying all four places this winter!



Waking up to this view….I felt like I was in New York!

After talking to my best friend S last weekend, and feeling super sad I was missing her birthday celebrations in Melbourne, she put me on a flight Saturday morning (thank YOU bestie for the sweet flight hook ups!) to surprise the rest of our friends in Melbourne. Saturday was spent enjoying a midday drink to start the birthday celebrations, followed by some shopping on Bridge Rd (my favourite shopping destination) and then an early dinner on the rooftop of a Richmond pub as the sun went down.

My time with bestie was short, we were only together for 19 hours so instead of having a big night, we opted for drinks in the hotel room. It had been a year since we all caught up together (two of our close friends moved to Melbourne, the ones I surprised) so it was good to just sit there & enjoy each others company.

Sunday was spent people watching along the Southbank over brunch with K & A who moved to Melbourne last month, followed by some exploring through the laneways and a solo shopping trip along Chapel St. I hurried back to Southbank before sunset (you bet I googled what time the sunset) and Melbourne looked absolutely stunning.

Walking across the bridge to Southbank


View from Southbank, anyone else getting a New York vibe??

There’s that tall tower in the first photo above, known as the Eureka Skydeck. I first climbed in during the day three years ago so I was keen to go at sunset this time. My obsession with heights started from a very early age…just look at that view! ❤

Sunday night was spent catching up with an old Perth friend over dumplings & green tea at Chocolate Buddha followed by drinks under a bridge (at Ponyfish) with Paris, someone I’ve been friends with on twitter for sometime (wooo social media!). Thank you Paris for providing a night of comedy & lots of free wine!

Inside the Ice Bar, Melbourne… -12 and I felt right at home!

Monday, I caught up for breakfast with J, a girl I met in Amsterdam who I later partied with in Berlin early last year. It’s funny, someone I’ve only caught up with on three prior occasions felt like an old friend. That’s the thing I love about traveling, meeting people that become your best friend within a few hours. You both open up because you’re in a unfamiliar place and really, you have nothing to lose.

Monday was actually another friends birthday so we went to Madame Brussels for jugs of Sangria, cheese platters and pate. Melbourne did what it does best, went from cloudy to sunny to moments where I had to cover my face with a scarf so it didn’t burn!

With so many friends now living in Melbourne, three days wasn’t enough but it was a good little unexpected holiday and it was JUST what I needed. Now I’m back to uni for another semester and counting down the days until my next trip to Melbourne mid- November.

16 weeks. I cannot wait to be back in Melbourne!

July reads;

How’s this for an awesome book collection & sitting area?

If it’s not clear enough, I love reading and I’m not shy to admit I enjoy my fair share of self-help articles and books. I’m all about self-improvement and being the best version of yourself.

This month, I’ve bookmarked some articles that I really enjoyed reading and I hope others can benefit from the following articles.

1. ‘Workout to wake up‘ by Kelly Baker found on the Body & Soul website.

I am so guilty of skipping exercise after a long day but I think this article has summed up my life perfectly. The more I refuse to exercise, the more tired I get.

2. ‘We should rename ‘free time’‘ by Karen Salmansohn at the blog Not Salmon

3. ‘The ‘Busy’ Trap‘ by Tim Kreider, opinion post found on the New York Times website

and another favourite…

4. ‘The disadvantages of being a perfectionist‘ by Sarah Marinos at the Body & Soul website

– – – –

Happy reading!

Operation; Tidy my life!

A few weeks ago, at the beginning of my winter break, I made a list of things I wanted to do with my time off (because I’m a Virgo and we don’t stop and we certainly never stop making lists!) Well I’m approaching the end of my winter break and I feel like I’ve slept for the past 5 weeks (even though it doesn’t look like it!). Has it really been that long??

So I haven’t managed to cross off all the things off my list. Maybe I was being a little unrealistic saying I’ll read two books, but I did start one & I still have this weekend to finish it. I did however, get unpacking and cleaning and oh boy did I love it! Office Works became my best friend this break (sorry S!), I went a little nuts buying folders but here’s the end result!

Before: my life in boxes

Just a fraction of the rubbish & magazines from over the years

I got crafty with my favourite articles…

And I made my own magazine!

Complete with sections!

One big folder for all my journalism material

And the end result! ❤

Out of the 5 boxes, I have 2 yet to sort (that will be going into two very big files- all the travel stuff I’ve collected over the years and festival/concert flyers) and the rest has been put into files and photo albums. I feel so much better now!

Now, time to mentally prepare myself for the next semester of university…


All photos taken by Eugene at

Ever since I first went to Bondi in September 2010, I’ve been obsessed with the place ever since. I spent a week in Bondi, going for walks every morning, acting like a local as much as I could in that week. I was lucky enough to have my best friend S with me half the time so I dragged her along the coast, checking out the houses and surroundings in Tamarama, Coogee, Maroubra and Cronulla (I blame my obsession with the Bra Boys for the last two).

So when I came home and discovered Aquabumps, my fastination with the coast never died. Every morning, I get into work to a nice little post by Eugene, the photographer behind Aquabumps. Whether it’s the east coast of NSW, or somewhere in Indonesia, I hang off every word and stare at the images in complete admiration. If there’s someone’s life I would love to have: it’s this guys.

So until my next visit to Sydney at the end of the year, I’ll continue to get lost in the daily newsletter made up by Eugene (or uge as he signs off).

Check out the site here and sign up to your daily piece of the Bondi action in the top right hand corner. He’s also got a shop in Bondi if you’re ever around!

The Favourites;

I completely forgot I purchased a photo collage app a few months ago called ‘shape collage’ so while the server is down at work today, I took the time to go through my photos on my iphone over the past two years and made a collage of my favourite Perth photos. I don’t know if it’s slightly obvious or not but I love the water, either being in it or near it. Perth has a river flowing through the inner suburbs from the ocean (just check out THIS picture) so being near water isn’t much of a problem, especially having lived in South Perth and Como for the past 5 years with the majority of my time spent in East Fremantle.

As long as I’m 20 minutes drive from a ocean or river, I’m happy.

Anyone else find instagram has made them more appreciative of their current surroundings or is it just me?

The meaning;

Source: Twitter

Social media is a funny thing. Everyday, I come across websites, blogs & interesting new articles by someone like-minded sharing something they enjoyed reading. I don’t know what it was that brought new followers to my twitter account this morning, but I clicked on one profile with the above ‘about me’ that hit me straight in the face. There’s some places I’ve visited where I felt I had been before, or more like, I felt right at home. And how else would you explain a place that felt like home when it was only your second day there?

Keep thinking, moving & dreaming everyone. Happy Wednesday & happy 4th of July all my American friends (I wish I was with you celebrating today!)