Saturday night;

Lately, I’ve been constantly making up excuses not to go out. I either say I live too far away or I’m saving (both pretty pathetic excuses if you know me!) This weekend however, one of my good friends got back from Japan after what feels like WEEKS and I have been dying to catch up with her. The plan was to meet up in the afternoon and have a few drinks, looking over holiday snaps & talking about her trip. She said a few of her housemates would be having people over, which was cool since she said they are all mainly kiwis (something bout mixing with my own kind gets me very excited).

What I thought was going to be a few people, turned into a party of 50 with two fires going outside, chicken nibbles and sausages galore. Considering I only knew two people at the party, I had a blast! I can’t even remember the last time I went to a house party that good. There was no trouble, just a super awesome vibe.

I was so engrossed in conversation, I didn’t even notice everyone disappear. In the early morning, there were 5 of us sitting around a fire, 3 brits, an Australian & me- a mix of Australia, New Zealand & Russian culture (I don’t think our blood defines who we are these days). The only reason I defined what nationality we all were was because we were discussing how we’ve grown up in different environments & the different things we’ve seen. I love nothing more than hearing about how someone was raised, what things they saw as a child and even a teenager. I heard some shocking stories but they made me realise just how lucky I was roaming London at night on a number of occasions.

I came home as the sun was coming up, exhausted but so glad I met the people I did. Saturday night was just what I needed.

2 thoughts on “Saturday night;

  1. I wish I ended up at house parties like that! Saw your email and will get back to you this weekend (only have a quick couple of minutes to check email etc. in the morning before work and then I don’t get home late every evening… phew, work-eat-sleep-repeat), I know you’ll be jetting all over the world when you’ve finished uni, no doubt in my mind.

    • I haven’t been to a house party that good since well, NZ! & the reason it was so good was because of the kiwi’s that put it on! So get your butt over here & I can show you a good house party 😀


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