The perfect Monday combo;

There wasn’t much traffic this morning getting to work so as I was about to turn into the street my office is on, I quickly did a U-turn and went to one of my favourite new cafes, The Hangout. They only opened up a few months ago (if that!) but they already have a number of regulars. It was lovely to sit there with a cup of tea, reading the paper and feeling the right side of me roasting from the fire. If there’s something I need to do more of….it’s this. Working around the corner from such a cosy little cafe, this needs to become a more frequent visit!

And if that wasn’t a perfect start to a Monday morning, I all of a sudden had plans to go to The Windsor, another one of my favourite places, on a lunch date. Some may think I don’t work (it certainly feels like I don’t these days!) but it was super quiet today so I’m glad I went out for lunch since it was the last time I’d be seeing someone this year. It’s funny, the people that come into our lives at just the right moment. I’m such a firm believer in fate & everything happening for a reason. I don’t doubt the fact our paths will someday cross again…..don’t worry, not running away anytime soon! But once I’ve finished uni? Now that’s another story.


4 thoughts on “The perfect Monday combo;

  1. Sounds like THE most perfect day ever – and to do it in such delicious Winter weather? Well there is honestly nothing better> I might have to pop down to the hangout for a lonesome coffee date myself this Monday and sit by the fire with the newspaper – I love it. I believe with my whole being you really have a gypsy heart. When you write about travelling and taking off it seems like it will happen no matter what – the world is ours to discover and explore and our lives are there to make what we wish of them, so here’s to travel and making each day count! xo

    • The weather has been so perfect lately! You should of seen me, a Windsor regular, still so blown away by the beauty of the surroundings. All the trees and beautiful water features.

      & The Hangout is definitely a place that should be enjoyed by yourself! There was one other customer there & it still felt so cosy with the fire going.

      Haha I think I would have to agree with the gypsy heart! I can happily pack up and move somewhere new, and continue doing so. I cannot wait until I have the freedom to do so, it’s been so long since I haven’t been tied down to Perth (okay well….only 3 years but that’s ages in travel years!)

  2. That café looks so cozy! You know me and my café visits, I enjoy it so much but have had so little opportunity to go and sit and relax at a café lately. Do you ever journal while you’re sitting in a café?

    • No, I’ve never brought a journal with me. Nowadays, I tend to do all my journaling online (on LJ in private) but I find I have so much to say, I struggle to write fast enough!

      Plus, I’m one of those extremely OCD people that needs to be in a quiet room to think. Bizarre? yup!

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