The meaning;

Source: Twitter

Social media is a funny thing. Everyday, I come across websites, blogs & interesting new articles by someone like-minded sharing something they enjoyed reading. I don’t know what it was that brought new followers to my twitter account this morning, but I clicked on one profile with the above ‘about me’ that hit me straight in the face. There’s some places I’ve visited where I felt I had been before, or more like, I felt right at home. And how else would you explain a place that felt like home when it was only your second day there?

Keep thinking, moving & dreaming everyone. Happy Wednesday & happy 4th of July all my American friends (I wish I was with you celebrating today!)



3 thoughts on “The meaning;

  1. I really like that quote. It reminds me of something someone told me once about dreams, I can’t remember how they worded it but something about that when you dream your soul leaves your body and goes out in the world and explores.

  2. Thats what I think about meeting you!! IT was social media fate that let us find one another 🙂 .. and courts well placed #FF haha I LOVE this so much, I am stealing it to share on my facebook, it actually makes me a little emotional about our impending trip (good emotional) xx

    • Oh I cannot believe how life has unfolded this year! Finding like-minded people in Perth is like a gods send & so rare (well for me) because there’s so many superficial friendships and bonds but so few deep connections I’ve found.

      Thank you Twitter!

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