The Favourites;

I completely forgot I purchased a photo collage app a few months ago called ‘shape collage’ so while the server is down at work today, I took the time to go through my photos on my iphone over the past two years and made a collage of my favourite Perth photos. I don’t know if it’s slightly obvious or not but I love the water, either being in it or near it. Perth has a river flowing through the inner suburbs from the ocean (just check out THIS picture) so being near water isn’t much of a problem, especially having lived in South Perth and Como for the past 5 years with the majority of my time spent in East Fremantle.

As long as I’m 20 minutes drive from a ocean or river, I’m happy.

Anyone else find instagram has made them more appreciative of their current surroundings or is it just me?


2 thoughts on “The Favourites;

  1. What a fabulous app – you always have a knack for hunting out cool apps and grovvy ‘things’ (like those awesome lenses for the iphone) 🙂 I picked up straight away the ocean feel to all your pics (or water feel I should say)….I always think the same thing about my photos but they’re all mainly coffee and sunrises or sunsets! Hope you had a fab weekend miss.


    • Haha I spend hours just getting lost in websites! It’s crazy the things I have found and luckily, it hasn’t been a expensive habit of mine!

      I wish I drunk coffee because yours always look so yummy! I guess I’ll stick to my hot chocolates for now 🙂 x

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