All photos taken by Eugene at

Ever since I first went to Bondi in September 2010, I’ve been obsessed with the place ever since. I spent a week in Bondi, going for walks every morning, acting like a local as much as I could in that week. I was lucky enough to have my best friend S with me half the time so I dragged her along the coast, checking out the houses and surroundings in Tamarama, Coogee, Maroubra and Cronulla (I blame my obsession with the Bra Boys for the last two).

So when I came home and discovered Aquabumps, my fastination with the coast never died. Every morning, I get into work to a nice little post by Eugene, the photographer behind Aquabumps. Whether it’s the east coast of NSW, or somewhere in Indonesia, I hang off every word and stare at the images in complete admiration. If there’s someone’s life I would love to have: it’s this guys.

So until my next visit to Sydney at the end of the year, I’ll continue to get lost in the daily newsletter made up by Eugene (or uge as he signs off).

Check out the site here and sign up to your daily piece of the Bondi action in the top right hand corner. He’s also got a shop in Bondi if you’re ever around!


4 thoughts on “Bondi;

  1. Those photos are absolutely amazing. I want to dive right in to them! And Uge’s site is really cool too. Ah, one day I must go to Bondi…

  2. These are stunning hun!! Morgs surprised me with a Sydney trip for christmas two years ago and we spent a fair bit of time at Bondi – walking in the sand, perving on the bondi boys (me anyway) and going for breakfasts 🙂 These photographs are simply gorgeous and I could happily get lost in them every morning over my own cup of coffee (p.s the more I know you the more I realise how much you’re drawn to water!) x

    • Awwww go Morgs! You must subscribe to uge’s daily photos, he always has something going on, or something funny to say.

      Haha you guessed it….I’m a complete water rat! I spent my childhood in the water: pools, rivers, ocean, baths!

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