Operation; Tidy my life!

A few weeks ago, at the beginning of my winter break, I made a list of things I wanted to do with my time off (because I’m a Virgo and we don’t stop and we certainly never stop making lists!) Well I’m approaching the end of my winter break and I feel like I’ve slept for the past 5 weeks (even though it doesn’t look like it!). Has it really been that long??

So I haven’t managed to cross off all the things off my list. Maybe I was being a little unrealistic saying I’ll read two books, but I did start one & I still have this weekend to finish it. I did however, get unpacking and cleaning and oh boy did I love it! Office Works became my best friend this break (sorry S!), I went a little nuts buying folders but here’s the end result!

Before: my life in boxes

Just a fraction of the rubbish & magazines from over the years

I got crafty with my favourite articles…

And I made my own magazine!

Complete with sections!

One big folder for all my journalism material

And the end result! ❤

Out of the 5 boxes, I have 2 yet to sort (that will be going into two very big files- all the travel stuff I’ve collected over the years and festival/concert flyers) and the rest has been put into files and photo albums. I feel so much better now!

Now, time to mentally prepare myself for the next semester of university…


8 thoughts on “Operation; Tidy my life!

  1. Woah look at you go Miss Organising Queen! That must have taken you a bit of time doing your own magazine but I bet it was worth it, what a great idea to have all your favourite articles right there when you need them. Much better than me flagging pages in 100s of magazines then havig to check each flag as I have no idea what I flagged it for!

    • Yeah a few hours flicking through magazines, deciding on my favourite articles. If I just bookmarked them, there is no way I would go back to look at them because I’d forget what I flagged (like you said). Pinterest is pretty much a online collection of the articles I got but still good to have something in physical form!

  2. Nice job A! I did a major clean yesterday evening when I got home from my little outing with J. Feels so nice when everything is tidy, floors are vacuumed and washed, laundry is done, windowsills and shelves are dusted, bathroom is cleaned, and garbage is thrown out. Ahhh…

  3. I think Office works proves to be a boon for people like us.Even I have bought some folders and files and most important “STICKY NOTES” from there. I am trying to organize my stuff.
    Great going Girl.

    • Office works is my favourite! SO many amazing things to help organise all the bills, receipts and photos! Think it’s actually about time I make another visit!

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