July reads;

How’s this for an awesome book collection & sitting area?

If it’s not clear enough, I love reading and I’m not shy to admit I enjoy my fair share of self-help articles and books. I’m all about self-improvement and being the best version of yourself.

This month, I’ve bookmarked some articles that I really enjoyed reading and I hope others can benefit from the following articles.

1. ‘Workout to wake up‘ by Kelly Baker found on the Body & Soul website.

I am so guilty of skipping exercise after a long day but I think this article has summed up my life perfectly. The more I refuse to exercise, the more tired I get.

2. ‘We should rename ‘free time’‘ by Karen Salmansohn at the blog Not Salmon

3. ‘The ‘Busy’ Trap‘ by Tim Kreider, opinion post found on the New York Times website

and another favourite…

4. ‘The disadvantages of being a perfectionist‘ by Sarah Marinos at the Body & Soul website

– – – –

Happy reading!


3 thoughts on “July reads;

  1. You are an inspiration wanting to be the best version of yourself, such a great way to think. I read the workout one – I really should follow their advice!

    • Comparing myself to others didn’t get me anywhere because as the famous saying goes, “Comparison is the thief of joy”

      I think with the exercise thing, starting is the hard part! I’ve found something that works for me though, when I get home from work and about to get changed, I put on a really up beat song or playlist and dance my little heart out for a few minutes. THIS usually gives me motivation to do some exercise or at least dance, jump or do squats in my room.

      May need to pre-worn partner if you decide to do this haha. Will be quite the funny site!

  2. That “Workout to wake up” is SO true. I sometimes feel so tired but force myself out for a walk or run and once I’m back, I suddenly have an abundance of energy!

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