Waking up to this view….I felt like I was in New York!

After talking to my best friend S last weekend, and feeling super sad I was missing her birthday celebrations in Melbourne, she put me on a flight Saturday morning (thank YOU bestie for the sweet flight hook ups!) to surprise the rest of our friends in Melbourne. Saturday was spent enjoying a midday drink to start the birthday celebrations, followed by some shopping on Bridge Rd (my favourite shopping destination) and then an early dinner on the rooftop of a Richmond pub as the sun went down.

My time with bestie was short, we were only together for 19 hours so instead of having a big night, we opted for drinks in the hotel room. It had been a year since we all caught up together (two of our close friends moved to Melbourne, the ones I surprised) so it was good to just sit there & enjoy each others company.

Sunday was spent people watching along the Southbank over brunch with K & A who moved to Melbourne last month, followed by some exploring through the laneways and a solo shopping trip along Chapel St. I hurried back to Southbank before sunset (you bet I googled what time the sunset) and Melbourne looked absolutely stunning.

Walking across the bridge to Southbank


View from Southbank, anyone else getting a New York vibe??

There’s that tall tower in the first photo above, known as the Eureka Skydeck. I first climbed in during the day three years ago so I was keen to go at sunset this time. My obsession with heights started from a very early age…just look at that view! ❤

Sunday night was spent catching up with an old Perth friend over dumplings & green tea at Chocolate Buddha followed by drinks under a bridge (at Ponyfish) with Paris, someone I’ve been friends with on twitter for sometime (wooo social media!). Thank you Paris for providing a night of comedy & lots of free wine!

Inside the Ice Bar, Melbourne… -12 and I felt right at home!

Monday, I caught up for breakfast with J, a girl I met in Amsterdam who I later partied with in Berlin early last year. It’s funny, someone I’ve only caught up with on three prior occasions felt like an old friend. That’s the thing I love about traveling, meeting people that become your best friend within a few hours. You both open up because you’re in a unfamiliar place and really, you have nothing to lose.

Monday was actually another friends birthday so we went to Madame Brussels for jugs of Sangria, cheese platters and pate. Melbourne did what it does best, went from cloudy to sunny to moments where I had to cover my face with a scarf so it didn’t burn!

With so many friends now living in Melbourne, three days wasn’t enough but it was a good little unexpected holiday and it was JUST what I needed. Now I’m back to uni for another semester and counting down the days until my next trip to Melbourne mid- November.

16 weeks. I cannot wait to be back in Melbourne!


8 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. Anna! I’ve only just figured out how to leave comments on your blog haha. Your fisheye lens works so well, i love the photos you’re taking! Haha how many Lynfielder’s are living in Aus now? So rad! x

    • YAY!!! Have you worked out how to add wordpress blogs to blogger feeds?

      Kase + bf, Zhora + bf and Michael are all living there! It’s becoming a 2nd Lynfield!

  2. You snapped some great photos A! Did you use your DSLR or your phone? I notice some of the photos are slightly “fisheye”, are they taken with your phone? If so, I’m surprised the quality of the photos is so crisp and good. Sounds like you had an amazing stay, and it’s so great that you had time to catch up with so many people – even people you’ve met through Twitter, how cool! I wish I was there to hang out too, it sounds like so much fun going to all these restaurants and hangouts you went to.

    • I didn’t actually bring my DSLR because I was only going for 3 days and took a small suitcase with me. I bought some little clip on lenses for my phone (I blogged about them a few weeks ago) and they proved to be enough!

      I’m finding the quality of the new iphone 4s lens to be good enough for snapping away! Obviously I can’t blow up photos to print but it’s good enough for the blog!

      The fisheye lens was one of the clip on ones I bought, along with a macro and wide angle lens. It’s made me realise I MUST buy a wide angle lens for my DSLR though!

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