Mulled goodness;

Click photo for a delicious mulled wine recipe

It’s taken me a while to get round to trying mulled wine. You see, I’m not a red wine drinker (I can see my friend Anna dropping her jaw in horror right now) because I’m a sweet tooth and struggle to find a red wine that is enjoyable (other than Dolce and a select few I’ve sampled over the years).

While I was in Melbourne, my friend Paris took me to this cute little bar called Ponyfish which is located under the Yarra Pedestrian Bridge in the city. I was a little reluctant to try some of their mulled wine but because I randomly decided to go to Melbourne a few days prior I thought, “why not?”

Why had I not tried this sooner?? When I got back to Perth, I sent a mention to Tweet Perth to see if there’s some nice little places in Perth that do mulled wine and got plenty of responses. If you’re from Perth or visiting, here’s some places to check out:

The Aviary– Perth City

The Garden– Leederville

The Inglewood Hotel– Inglewood

Bar 399– Highgate

You can bet I’ll be trying all four places this winter!



5 thoughts on “Mulled goodness;

  1. Mulled wine is a must in Sweden during the winter, especially at Christmas. It’s called “Glögg” in Sweden, I’m sure you’ve read about it in my blog at some point. It’s a shame I wasn’t able to take you to try some when you were here, but I guess the Christmas markets hadn’t started yet, otherwise we could have gone and got a cup there. Each year this one brand of “Glögg” called “Blossa” reveals a new flavor, last year I believe it was coffee flavored (think I wrote about it in my blog). It was chocolate one year too! The basic and original “Glögg” is just spiced red wine that you drink hot. I’m not a huge fan, but I drink it at Christmas for traditions sake, and I’ll admit it is cosy drinking a hot cup of “Glögg” while browsing the Christmas markets in the chilly winter weather.

    • Ahhhh now I know what you meant by Glögg last Christmas! I wish I had tried mulled wine when I was over in the UK/Europe….mind you, would of been one drunken mess the whole time! haha. Chocolate mulled wine?? Sounds perfect for a chocoholic like me!

      Looks like I’ll have to come back in the winter time again!

  2. Annaaaaaa!!!!!! This post made me giggle for a solid 5 minutes!!!! I was reading, and when I read the bit about you not liking red wine, my mouth actually opened and I did a little gasp like reallyyyy?? haha And then I read on, and you had literally pre empted my response. I loved it. I can’t believe you’re not a big red wine drinker AND that you don’t really love coffee 😛 I would LOVE to try mulled wine with you. Even though it will be Summer when we’re home, I’m thinking a trip to bar 399 is on the agenda (because Ive never been there either so it will be fun!) xx

    • Hahahahaha! You’ll have to teach me a thing or two about red wine, or help me find a red wine that isn’t so bitter….whole reason of red wine huh?

      Wish we could sneak in a quick visit to Bar 399 before your trip! But I have a feeling they won’t be selling it in summer because it’s so hot here! But we can still go during summer & drink something else and then go again next winter 🙂

      • EXACTLY – just more of a reason to visit 🙂 I WISH we could go there before the trip too – I just need about 10 more hours in each day then we’d be right 😉 P.s hoping your sunday night went well!! I havent heard, but we’ll keep it offline so to speak and ill get all the gritty details this Sat night 🙂 xx

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