The Windsor Hotel;

Garden area, Windsor Hotel

Whenever I have friends visiting me in Perth, I make sure to bring them to the Windsor Hotel located in South Perth.  It’s my favourite pub in Perth because it offers so much variety. There’s the garden area as seen above and below, where the sun always manages to shine. You may remember, I had my 21st birthday celebrations here last August.

Walking up to the back garden bar

Then there’s the front bar that actually looks like a high end bar, it has couches and a fire in one corner, TV’s and high tables and then tables outside.

Source: Click the photo for more

And then there’s the new section, known as the ‘Verandah Bar’ as seen below:

Source: Click photo for more 

Plus, there’s also another function area, restaurant, indoor bar AND a few function rooms. This place, has it going on! If you’re not convinced yet, surely this salad will:

Chicken ceasar salad


6 thoughts on “The Windsor Hotel;

  1. Wow, looks amazing! I love the garden area with the mini waterfalls. That place I posted a photo of on instagram today made me think of you. It somehow reminded me of some of the places you’ve mentioned, like that cosy café with the open fire that you sometimes go to before work or on your lunch hour. I’m definitely going to sit there some weekend during the fall!

      • Will do! We should both keep discovering a bunch of cosy cafés wherever we go in the world, and then write up a little guide for us. It can be our magical golden guide to cosy cafés, not to be shared with too many people because that would make the places too popular and no longer special and cosy. 🙂

  2. I havent been to the Winsor in a while but have always loved it there – your right it has perfect zones for each occassion – sunday afternoon drinks in the sun and dinner inside with the girls, great pub 🙂

    • I do try venture out to new places but when this is down the road from work, my old house & all my friends, can you blame me for going back so many times? haha

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