Sudden urge to Skydive;

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Not sure if I’ve mentioned it enough but I LOVE heights. When I was backpacking through Europe, I made sure I climbed the tallest tower in every city. Being so high up and seeing a place just run for miles is so breathtaking. And you can bet I try fly during the day as much as possible so I get to see the city I leave & arrive in, the view never gets boring (even flying in & out of such a small city like Perth).

This year, I went on my first helicopter experience, flying over the Perth CBD and now, I’ve made it my goal to do one over Sydney and the Gold Coast of Queensland. But my love for heights has only deepened this year… I have a sudden urge to go Skydiving, something I never thought I would do.

This sudden urge to go Skydiving may have something to do with my change of thinking this year. Amongst the books I’ve read, the blogs I’ve browsed and the captivating quotes I’ve seen on various social media sites, fear no longer controls my life. My desire for control and plans has gone out the window and instead, I’ve adapted a care-free attitude that is more accepting of change and the unknown.

And what better place to go Skydiving than over a beach like Byron Bay? The combo of heights & water/coastline pretty much sums me up as a person.

Now, all I need to do is convince my best friend S to jump with me!


6 thoughts on “Sudden urge to Skydive;

  1. I don’t think I’d ever dare go skydiving, I’m too afraid of heights. I love looking at the view as I arrive and take off flying, and I definitely like looking at a breathtaking view from a bridge or building up high. But getting there is a whole different story. I once went on one of those insane rides at an amusement park, that shoots you high up in the air and drops you down. It was the most nauseating experience ever, I got off the ride so shaky I couldn’t walk!

    • Yeah I’ll definitely have to go on some rides in the future before I go skydiving….just to make sure I still wanna go! I’ve always enjoyed the high rides at theme parks though, the ones that drop suddenly and send your adrenaline through the roof.

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