Friday Letters- Dear weird guy;

I’m really enjoying these Friday letters! Here’s my 3rd lot of Friday letters, hope you’re all enjoying them as much as me!

Dear weird guy;
On Wednesday, you saw me standing outside a house & said you knew the tenant and came down the driveway with me.   Then when the tenant let me in & had no idea who you were, you said you wanted to rent the house. If that wasn’t weird enough, I see you again on Thursday, in Subiaco at 11am in a pair of bright blue cartoon flannette pjs with your daughter in tow. I hope I don’t bump into you again!

Dear Hanger (Anger caused by hunger);
I thought I had you under control but no, yesterday you made me act like a frigging crazy lady, getting angry over a broken pen (which resulted in seeing weird guy at the stationary shop).

Dear Winter;
I can’t believe your other sister, Spring is replacing you tomorrow. I don’t feel like I saw enough of you over the past 3 months but I guess that’s Perth for you huh? Don’t worry, I’ll continue chasing you around the world next year.

Dear eyes;
I know I don’t rest you as much as I should (that should change next weekend after the move) but do you really need to water every time I’m having an important conversation with my boss or director? You sure know how to embarrass me!

– – –

Happy Friday all, enjoy the two days of bliss all you Mon-Fri folk! x

Big dreams;

Cottesloe Beach on a winters morning

I was early for a valuation in Cottesloe this morning so I stopped along the coast and people watched. I watched people walking, running, paddle boarding (one of my favourite things) and sitting in the water, waiting for a decent wave…didn’t look very likely this morning. It was close to 8:30am and how I wished I was one of them.

You know that saying that goes something along the lines of, “If you’re not living your dream, why not?” This exact thought popped into my head this morning. Good news, I’m working towards my dream. As much as I say I love to be busy, living to me, is not working 8-6pm and then studying and assignments most nights & every weekend.

I’m counting down until summer break in 9 weeks when work quietens down and there’s no late night studying or last minute assignment stress (procrastination is my middle name). With the move closer to work next weekend, it means more time at the beach & less time driving….and I’m thinking I’ll have to negotiate time for weekly paddles at my next review for work!

What would be your perfect routine and how can you make it become a reality?



It was my birthday yesterday & I filled it with all my favourite things; starting with nutella & strawberry crepes for breakfast, a hair appointment with my good friend D (who doubles as my hairdresser) and then lunch in Fremantle with Kel;

We went to The Monk where we sat in the sun, enjoyed garlic prawns for entrees, chicken salad (me) and goat + pasta (k) with some delicious organic ciders and white wine. Mother nature is always so good to me on my birthday!

And of course, no trip to Fremantle is complete without a wander through the markets! K got four mini cupcakes & I tried red velvet cupcakes for the first time and there’s been a reason why I haven’t eaten them before….I KNEW I would become obsessed! Now I just need to stay away from the little cupcake store until next year….

A friend recently got a job at T2 & I’ve been waiting until she worked a Saturday before making a purchase, the shop is extremely overwhelming and hard to resist buying everything for a tea lover such as myself. I picked up the ‘gorgeous geisha‘ which is a green tea with strawberry pieces as well as a mug that has a removable infuser (in the lime shade of course). The tea smells divine but unfortunately doesn’t taste as good as it smells 😦

For dinner, I went to my favourite Italian restaurant, Spaghi, which is a family run business that my family & I have been going to for the past 5 years (since we first moved here!) It never disappoints! I have the same meal every time, the creamy chicken and broccoli pasta (pictured above).

And of course, no birthday is ever complete without a bouquet of roses (boys, take note!)

This year, I went for the low key option. With so many friends away, either living abroad or travelling, I wasn’t in the mood to go out partying. It was a good birthday none the less; I got showered with so much love, I’m so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life!

Friday Letters- Part Two;

I’m back once again with the Friday letters! Check out all the other Friday letters over at Adventures of Newlyweds

Dear sugar; I was doing so well, went all day Monday & Tuesday without you and then as Wednesday afternoon approached and a strict deadline loomed over my head, all I could think about was you. Of course I couldn’t resist you. Why can’t you have a healthy brother I could rely on instead?

Dear weekend; I love you every time you come around because it means I can sleep in & eat my favourite omelette combo when it’s already lunch but this weekend, I love you more than ever because there’s no uni work to do AND it’s going to be my birthday. AWESOME.

Dear; Please hurry up and have a comments notification system like WordPress & Facebook. Going back to every blog I comment on to see if there’s a reply is just frigging impossible. Sort it out.

Dear eye primer; I discovered you yesterday and holy moly, you are amazing!! How have I lived without you for so long?

– – –

I was tempted to write a letter to bestie once again but that deserves a post all to itself (more about that soon!)

Forever 21;

Champagne: my biggest weakness [August 2011]

Tomorrow marks the last day of being twenty one & what a year it’s been! Starting from moving out with a close friend, juggling another year of full time work & a half arsed attempt at full time uni (barely passing last year), two visits from my bestie, three road trips, christmas with my bestie in NZ, new years in a little town called Martinborough and a whole bunch of lessons along the way!

I approached a lot of situations with this “who cares?” attitude, I didn’t think about the consequences because I was so caught up in the moments but lessons huh? They definitely taught me a lot about myself, what I want and what I don’t want in my life. I’ve eliminated all the things (and people) that were dragging me down….now to work on this little list of goals I’ve written.

I’m looking forward to the next year ahead. There’s talks of a few road trips, a little NZ reunion at the end of the year but a lot is still uncertain. I’m trying not to plan because plans only limit room for new opportunities that could possibly come along.

Lets see how another year pans out!

Two years ago;

At the beginning of August 2010, I wrote my first wordpress entry saying:

“My new mission is to keep this journal. And by keep, I mean update regularly. My range of online journals is a good estimation of my personality. I dedicate myself solely to people and things for certain periods of time. Eventually I grow bored and find other things to occupy my time. Writing has always been constant in my life. The places I have written have always changed.

Let’s see how long this lasts”

Three hundred and forty three posts later, I would say I’ve been updating pretty regularly (considering I used Winter of Lust while I was in Europe for 10 weeks). Looking back over some of my earlier posts, there’s so many adventures & moments I didn’t capture on here so I guess the goal for the next two years would be just that: write about the small things, the things I don’t think are worth mentioning & the somewhat private thoughts (that won’t get me in trouble). Here’s hoping I can keep one online journal…it’s definitely lasted longer than my last attempt in 2009!

Thank you all for reading!

Friday Letters, Beginner style;

Every Friday, Michelle over at Jarrah Jungle takes part in the Friday Letters hosted by Ashley at the Adventures of Newlyweds and this Friday, I thought I better take part! So here go my first set of letters;

Dear Horrorshow; It’s been 3 years since I first discovered you and your music is still just as amazing and relevant as the first time I heard it. Can’t wait to see you guys for the 6th time tonight!

Dear sugar; you are my number one love but also my biggest enemy. I try walk away from you but everyday after lunch or dinner, I give into you. This really must stop.

Dear bestie; can you hurry up & move to Brisbane already? Love, your biggest supporter

Dear Perth; thank you for being awesome & sunny today….can you stay this way for next weekend too? Thanks xo

Sixth house in six years;

Please note: This isn’t really my house (if I lived in the U.S, than maybe it could be…)

In April this year, I posted about moving into my 5th house in 5 years and guess what? I’m moving again…..for the 6th time (in about 5 & a half years). Around the last move,  I mentioned I will probably have a mental breakdown if I have to move again but now that the time has come & I’ve managed to throw away a lot of things in July (operation ‘Tidy my life’), I’m not even phased by the move.

If anything, I’m excited! I’ll be living 20 minutes closer to work which means 40 minutes less driving time in the mornings which equals more sleep!! I’ll be moving back to a suburb not far from where I used to live and the house is only a minutes walk from my favourite part of the river. Hellooo evening walks!

The move is looking to be around late August/ early September which is perfect, that’s when I have a week off from uni! Who knew, I would be excited to move again only 4 months later? Definitely not me!

New friends;

My university campus- click photo for source

I’m a bit of a loner at university, most semesters I only go on campus for one class before or after work so I’m always rushing in & out of classes. This semester, I’ve managed to get every Wednesday off work to attend two classes, 9-12pm and 2-5pm. That’s a lot of information cramming for my poor brain in one day but luckily, I get a two hour break in between to just do my own thing.

The weather has been good so far, most Wednesdays the sun is out so I sit on the grass with my laptop. Today, as I was walking to my usual grass patch, I spotted a guy from both of my Wednesday classes sitting nearby. He shows the same characteristics as me, he keeps to himself and you usually wouldn’t spot him but today he was wearing a bright green jersey so it was a little hard to not see him.

I guess I was feeling a little daring today so I asked if I could sit down and introduced myself. Turns out, he’s from Zimbabwe on a student visa, completing his last semester at university. As a international student, he can’t do Property Valuations as his major but he’s picked as many Property units as he can because that’s where his passion lays. Being a New Zealander living in Australia, I’m not entitled to any study help from the government (hence working full time) but it made me realise I’m lucky that I can study what it is my heart desires.

I think I may have to get out of my comfort zone more often; there’s so many stories out there waiting to be told. Stories that can make you stop and think about your life & make you appreciate all the good (& little) things. Lets make it our mission to stop and hear them.

Overcoming Procrastination;

Hands up if you can relate to the image above? As I’m sitting here writing this post, I’m procrastinating writing this post! I don’t know if it’s my short attention span or my pure laziness, but I struggle on a daily basis. Sometimes I’m able to get enough motivation & energy to do something but if I can find any reason not to, I will.

I came across this article recently that stated there are two ways to overcome procrastination: jump straight into the task or to ease your way into it. If you’re like me and sometimes lack the motivation to jump straight into something, the latter, known as solar flaring, may be of some use.

Here’s some tips on how to overcome procrastination (for those too lazy to go to the real source):


  • Just put your iPod on and play some of your favorite music that you listen to when you exercise.
  • Just change into your gym clothes.
  • Just 5 minutes on the cardio machine.


  • Just write out the sender’s email address, subject line, and a couple bullet points of things you want to write.
  • Just clean your inbox and get it to zero.
  • Just check up on emails you have to follow up on soon.

Cleaning living room

  • Just put the cups and dishes in the sink.
  • Just put the litter in the bin.
  • Just put the trash near the door on the way out.


  • Just create the Word document and save it into the right folder.
  • Just write the outline of the document.
  • Just write the introductory paragraph.

I’ve been using it ever since and let me tell you, I’m on a road to success! With a few shiny things distracting me along the way…