Presents from T;

Yesterday, I got an early birthday parcel from T over at Fashtastic. Her ability to make cards never ceases to amaze me (I wish I had photos of all the other birthday and christmas cards she has made me). So thank you Tina for my awesome card that hints at my amazing present…

Bird print scarf!

Now, to try some of these creative ways to tie a scarf…


6 thoughts on “Presents from T;

  1. What a gorgeous present! The card is so beautifully made, I make my own cards but Im sure they look like a primary school project lol. Love the scarf too its a really unique pattern 🙂

  2. What a gorgeous friend you have – I LOVED home made cards. Ah-mazing scarf (it would go soooo well with your cardigan from Melbourne!! xx p.s when is your birthday????????/ x

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