Another one of those nights;

When you meet someone who is inspiring, motivating and brings out the best part of you, hang onto that person with your dear life! I have a few of these people in my life, Alex being one of them. Our conversations are never less than an hour long, my excuse to go this time was the fact it was past midnight and I had to be up in six hours. He moved to Melbourne last month so we were touching base about the move, plans for the next few months and everything in between (religion, politics, culture, family & health….we’re never short of conversation).

I love those conversations, the ones that go deeper than the ‘what’s new with you’ and ‘how’s work’. The ones where you’re confessing things you have only thought to yourself before. Those conversations reveal your insecurities and vulnerability but that makes it all worthwhile when the person on the other end treasures the trust you’ve placed on them. There’s really no better feeling than comfort sometimes…..funny concept when they’re miles away huh?


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