Overcoming Procrastination;

Hands up if you can relate to the image above? As I’m sitting here writing this post, I’m procrastinating writing this post! I don’t know if it’s my short attention span or my pure laziness, but I struggle on a daily basis. Sometimes I’m able to get enough motivation & energy to do something but if I can find any reason not to, I will.

I came across this article recently that stated there are two ways to overcome procrastination: jump straight into the task or to ease your way into it. If you’re like me and sometimes lack the motivation to jump straight into something, the latter, known as solar flaring, may be of some use.

Here’s some tips on how to overcome procrastination (for those too lazy to go to the real source):


  • Just put your iPod on and play some of your favorite music that you listen to when you exercise.
  • Just change into your gym clothes.
  • Just 5 minutes on the cardio machine.


  • Just write out the sender’s email address, subject line, and a couple bullet points of things you want to write.
  • Just clean your inbox and get it to zero.
  • Just check up on emails you have to follow up on soon.

Cleaning living room

  • Just put the cups and dishes in the sink.
  • Just put the litter in the bin.
  • Just put the trash near the door on the way out.


  • Just create the Word document and save it into the right folder.
  • Just write the outline of the document.
  • Just write the introductory paragraph.

I’ve been using it ever since and let me tell you, I’m on a road to success! With a few shiny things distracting me along the way…


5 thoughts on “Overcoming Procrastination;

  1. That photo did make me smile!
    I definately like to tidy as I go, especially in my bedroom I like to put my clothes away as I take them off because the minute I start piling them on the ground it ends up one big mess to clean up and takes ages. A few minutes a day is better than ages I think.
    I agree on the emails as well, I like to keep my inbox fairly clear and draft emails so I dont forget what I want to say, but then dont send them until I have time to.

    • That’s a good idea about tidying a little as you go, I like to do that as I go to bed but looking around my room right now, seems I’ve forgotten a few times! haha.

      I am the biggest fan of flagged emails!! That’s my way of clearing my inbox in priority order.

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