New friends;

My university campus- click photo for source

I’m a bit of a loner at university, most semesters I only go on campus for one class before or after work so I’m always rushing in & out of classes. This semester, I’ve managed to get every Wednesday off work to attend two classes, 9-12pm and 2-5pm. That’s a lot of information cramming for my poor brain in one day but luckily, I get a two hour break in between to just do my own thing.

The weather has been good so far, most Wednesdays the sun is out so I sit on the grass with my laptop. Today, as I was walking to my usual grass patch, I spotted a guy from both of my Wednesday classes sitting nearby. He shows the same characteristics as me, he keeps to himself and you usually wouldn’t spot him but today he was wearing a bright green jersey so it was a little hard to not see him.

I guess I was feeling a little daring today so I asked if I could sit down and introduced myself. Turns out, he’s from Zimbabwe on a student visa, completing his last semester at university. As a international student, he can’t do Property Valuations as his major but he’s picked as many Property units as he can because that’s where his passion lays. Being a New Zealander living in Australia, I’m not entitled to any study help from the government (hence working full time) but it made me realise I’m lucky that I can study what it is my heart desires.

I think I may have to get out of my comfort zone more often; there’s so many stories out there waiting to be told. Stories that can make you stop and think about your life & make you appreciate all the good (& little) things. Lets make it our mission to stop and hear them.


2 thoughts on “New friends;

  1. That is great that you walked over and talked to him. I did that on my first day in school too, I was so lonely, hadn’t met my class yet and was sitting all alone eating lunch. The girl next to me in the cafeteria was also alone so I introduced myself to her and we hung out for the rest of the lunch break before we had to go to our different classes. In general, Swedes are SO bad at spontaneously talking to people. Everyone sticks to themselves here, and that fact is never so clear as when I’m in the US and people are always spontaneously sparking up a conversation with me.

    • Yeah I feel like so many people at university have groups of friends already but over the past 4 weeks, I noticed this guy always sat alone (so do I) so I kind of put myself out there & glad I did! He actually does work experience at a valuation firm that we’re merging with soon! Crazy!

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