Sixth house in six years;

Please note: This isn’t really my house (if I lived in the U.S, than maybe it could be…)

In April this year, I posted about moving into my 5th house in 5 years and guess what? I’m moving again…..for the 6th time (in about 5 & a half years). Around the last move,  I mentioned I will probably have a mental breakdown if I have to move again but now that the time has come & I’ve managed to throw away a lot of things in July (operation ‘Tidy my life’), I’m not even phased by the move.

If anything, I’m excited! I’ll be living 20 minutes closer to work which means 40 minutes less driving time in the mornings which equals more sleep!! I’ll be moving back to a suburb not far from where I used to live and the house is only a minutes walk from my favourite part of the river. Hellooo evening walks!

The move is looking to be around late August/ early September which is perfect, that’s when I have a week off from uni! Who knew, I would be excited to move again only 4 months later? Definitely not me!


5 thoughts on “Sixth house in six years;

    • Haha yeah all the building problems along the way seem long forgotten! It’s just not worth it to own this place when we can live closer to the city & not worry about a mortgage!

    • The more I move, the less stuff I have! It has gotten a lot easier this year as I’ve finally learnt how to get rid of the materialistic stuff….it’s a good feeling!

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