Two years ago;

At the beginning of August 2010, I wrote my first wordpress entry saying:

“My new mission is to keep this journal. And by keep, I mean update regularly. My range of online journals is a good estimation of my personality. I dedicate myself solely to people and things for certain periods of time. Eventually I grow bored and find other things to occupy my time. Writing has always been constant in my life. The places I have written have always changed.

Let’s see how long this lasts”

Three hundred and forty three posts later, I would say I’ve been updating pretty regularly (considering I used Winter of Lust while I was in Europe for 10 weeks). Looking back over some of my earlier posts, there’s so many adventures & moments I didn’t capture on here so I guess the goal for the next two years would be just that: write about the small things, the things I don’t think are worth mentioning & the somewhat private thoughts (that won’t get me in trouble). Here’s hoping I can keep one online journal…it’s definitely lasted longer than my last attempt in 2009!

Thank you all for reading!


2 thoughts on “Two years ago;

  1. It is such a great way to record the happenings in life and to look back on the pictures and entries and see what you’ve been through. It would’ve been hard to update whilst travelling but I bet your glad you did, so many awesome photos and moments you can remember just by looking through your old posts 🙂

    • I tried to catch as many trains as possible through Europe so I could use that time to write. It was a lot easier than I thought!

      This is sort of like a mini book for our kids to read one day!

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