Friday Letters- Part Two;

I’m back once again with the Friday letters! Check out all the other Friday letters over at Adventures of Newlyweds

Dear sugar; I was doing so well, went all day Monday & Tuesday without you and then as Wednesday afternoon approached and a strict deadline loomed over my head, all I could think about was you. Of course I couldn’t resist you. Why can’t you have a healthy brother I could rely on instead?

Dear weekend; I love you every time you come around because it means I can sleep in & eat my favourite omelette combo when it’s already lunch but this weekend, I love you more than ever because there’s no uni work to do AND it’s going to be my birthday. AWESOME.

Dear; Please hurry up and have a comments notification system like WordPress & Facebook. Going back to every blog I comment on to see if there’s a reply is just frigging impossible. Sort it out.

Dear eye primer; I discovered you yesterday and holy moly, you are amazing!! How have I lived without you for so long?

– – –

I was tempted to write a letter to bestie once again but that deserves a post all to itself (more about that soon!)


5 thoughts on “Friday Letters- Part Two;

    • It’s a bummer the timing couldn’t be this good last year! I had to spend my actual 21st birthday studying for a test I ended up failing. Lesson learnt: make sure uni doesn’t clash with major life events!!

  1. Anna these are brilliant – I dont think Id be as witty & funny as yours are! I have to say I am going to so relate to the first one when I get home & try to cut back on (not out completley, i couldnt do it) … sugar. We’ll win this war I promise haha As always I related to well at the right time to your second letter!! I said to Morgs just today I have finally missed something (this is going to sound stupid)….weekends! I miss weekends. The days are blending over here and Im loving every second but its this weird thing where I miss the anticipation of weekends haha Hope things are well in your corner of the world hun xx

    • Aww I’m flattered you consider me witty! I’ll show you a great video when you get back (if I show it now, it may affect all your sugar consumption!)

      It’s always the little things you miss huh! I was craving routine after about 6 weeks abroad! x

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