It was my birthday yesterday & I filled it with all my favourite things; starting with nutella & strawberry crepes for breakfast, a hair appointment with my good friend D (who doubles as my hairdresser) and then lunch in Fremantle with Kel;

We went to The Monk where we sat in the sun, enjoyed garlic prawns for entrees, chicken salad (me) and goat + pasta (k) with some delicious organic ciders and white wine. Mother nature is always so good to me on my birthday!

And of course, no trip to Fremantle is complete without a wander through the markets! K got four mini cupcakes & I tried red velvet cupcakes for the first time and there’s been a reason why I haven’t eaten them before….I KNEW I would become obsessed! Now I just need to stay away from the little cupcake store until next year….

A friend recently got a job at T2 & I’ve been waiting until she worked a Saturday before making a purchase, the shop is extremely overwhelming and hard to resist buying everything for a tea lover such as myself. I picked up the ‘gorgeous geisha‘ which is a green tea with strawberry pieces as well as a mug that has a removable infuser (in the lime shade of course). The tea smells divine but unfortunately doesn’t taste as good as it smells 😦

For dinner, I went to my favourite Italian restaurant, Spaghi, which is a family run business that my family & I have been going to for the past 5 years (since we first moved here!) It never disappoints! I have the same meal every time, the creamy chicken and broccoli pasta (pictured above).

And of course, no birthday is ever complete without a bouquet of roses (boys, take note!)

This year, I went for the low key option. With so many friends away, either living abroad or travelling, I wasn’t in the mood to go out partying. It was a good birthday none the less; I got showered with so much love, I’m so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life!


7 thoughts on “Birthday;

  1. Happy Happy Birthday I hope all your dreams and wishes come true! Sounds like you had a wonderful day filled with good friends and great food 🙂 Iv wandered through that T2 place one too many times but can never make a decision about what tea to buy!

  2. Wowowow looks like an amazingly rad day!
    I’m jealous of all the delicious food you had haha. Remember how in B Block we used to buy each other massive amounts of lollies for peoples birthdays? Even the ones that looked like eggs haha 😐 x

  3. Happy belated Birthday darling!!!! Looks like you celebrated it well 🙂 by the way my birthday was yesterday! maybe next year we should do a link up with all Virgo bloggers 😉


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