Big dreams;

Cottesloe Beach on a winters morning

I was early for a valuation in Cottesloe this morning so I stopped along the coast and people watched. I watched people walking, running, paddle boarding (one of my favourite things) and sitting in the water, waiting for a decent wave…didn’t look very likely this morning. It was close to 8:30am and how I wished I was one of them.

You know that saying that goes something along the lines of, “If you’re not living your dream, why not?” This exact thought popped into my head this morning. Good news, I’m working towards my dream. As much as I say I love to be busy, living to me, is not working 8-6pm and then studying and assignments most nights & every weekend.

I’m counting down until summer break in 9 weeks when work quietens down and there’s no late night studying or last minute assignment stress (procrastination is my middle name). With the move closer to work next weekend, it means more time at the beach & less time driving….and I’m thinking I’ll have to negotiate time for weekly paddles at my next review for work!

What would be your perfect routine and how can you make it become a reality?



3 thoughts on “Big dreams;

  1. “A goal without a date is just a dream.” Dates are important. I also find wording is important. As in, how you word things to yourself. For example, when I set a goal, it’s not; “I want to be a millionaire by age 30.” it’s “I must be a millionaire by age 30, what do I need to achieve this?”

    Keep kicking ass and don’t worry about those young guys and girls soaking up the rays-they won’t be doing that when they’re struggling with a mortgage and kids, you will though πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks for your comment Shane, very motivating! I’ve mentally set a date but because it’s still a few years off, it seems too far to mention publicly. But if the next few years fly by like the last 2, my dream is closer than I think πŸ™‚

      • Well, big goals are made up of lots of little goals. Write them down and as you’re crossing them off you’ll watch yourself get closer and closer πŸ™‚

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