Friday Letters- Dear weird guy;

I’m really enjoying these Friday letters! Here’s my 3rd lot of Friday letters, hope you’re all enjoying them as much as me!

Dear weird guy;
On Wednesday, you saw me standing outside a house & said you knew the tenant and came down the driveway with me.   Then when the tenant let me in & had no idea who you were, you said you wanted to rent the house. If that wasn’t weird enough, I see you again on Thursday, in Subiaco at 11am in a pair of bright blue cartoon flannette pjs with your daughter in tow. I hope I don’t bump into you again!

Dear Hanger (Anger caused by hunger);
I thought I had you under control but no, yesterday you made me act like a frigging crazy lady, getting angry over a broken pen (which resulted in seeing weird guy at the stationary shop).

Dear Winter;
I can’t believe your other sister, Spring is replacing you tomorrow. I don’t feel like I saw enough of you over the past 3 months but I guess that’s Perth for you huh? Don’t worry, I’ll continue chasing you around the world next year.

Dear eyes;
I know I don’t rest you as much as I should (that should change next weekend after the move) but do you really need to water every time I’m having an important conversation with my boss or director? You sure know how to embarrass me!

– – –

Happy Friday all, enjoy the two days of bliss all you Mon-Fri folk! x


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