Friday Letters- the 4th edition;

I’ve hit the 4 week mark with these Friday letters & I’m starting to believe this is now a habit, woo! Here’s my letters for this week:

Dear Kwinana Freeway;

Today is the last day I’ll be driving along you in peak hour traffic to AND from work and good riddance to that! Sure, I’ve been able to call NZ every morning &  most evenings but the amount of chaos that occurs along a 15km strip is too much for my poor little soul. I can’t complain about traffic because every one of us IS traffic but I’m happy to no longer be part of it.

Dear anti-static spray;

Where have you been all my life?? I’ve been putting up with clothes sticking to me for years….you’ve probably been hiding on the selves, laughing at me every time I walk past. From this day forward, I will never have to put up with clothes sticking to me again. So thank you.

Dear chromium tablets;

I’ve only been taking you for three days but I’m already feeling the effects. If we keep this up, maybe I can get rid of my nasty relationship with sugar. Here’s hoping!

Dear T;

As much as we sometimes clash at work, you’re like the mother hen in the office & a second mother to me. Helping me discover all sorts of new herbal supplements and things that can improve my health. I’m ever so grateful for it all.

Dear SGIO;

Now that I’ve turned a year older, you want to raise my car insurance policy even though I haven’t had an accident in the past year nor made a claim? I don’t think so! You can bet I’ll be threatening to quit my policy!


7 thoughts on “Friday Letters- the 4th edition;

  1. That’s awesome that the chromium tablets are working for you! And I totally did a double take when it said “Dear T”, but quickly realized it wasn’t to me. 🙂

    • Well I was told they’ll take a few weeks but they seem to be working their magic after 3 days? I’m definitely not complaining!

      Oh wow I totally didn’t realise! Good thing I wrote work or else you may of gotten offended for me calling you a mother hen 😛

  2. Antistatic spray is the best I bought my first bottle a few weeks ago too.
    You can negotiate your policy anytime so definately ask about lowering it, every bit you can save the better!
    Hope your having a great weekend x

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