It’s Virgo season!

Don’t worry, I can’t read stars either

Whenever I see a great tweet by Virgo Nation, I add it to my favourites. It’s been a while since my last post about Virgo traits so I thought to do another one. And what better timing, it’s currently Virgo season!

Here are my top 10 favourites over the past 2 months:

– Virgo’s want to make sense of the world. They will observe, study, research, compare and record

– Virgo’s are extremely affected by the energy around them. People with bad moods or a pessimistic nature could suck a Virgo’s mood down

– What you know about a Virgo is probably all they want you to know

– Virgo’s have many layers that very few get to experience

– Virgo’s favourite people are usually funny people

– Virgo’s can become uninterested fast

– Virgo’s grow mature at an early age but always stay young at heart

– Virgo’s are mutable signs so they can change and adapt to different situations

– Virgo’s hate when people ask them questions they could go figure out for themselves

– It’s rare you’ll find a truly selfish Virgo. They are natural givers and pleasers.

Now if you like the sound of Virgo’s, these are my favourite Virgo’s: Tina @ Fashtastic, Amy @ Absolute Amy, Maria @ Crashing Red, Melinda @ MummaInHeels (twitter) & Sonia @ ShesSonic (twitter)

Show these ladies some love & some birthday wishes for Melinda & Sonic with their birthdays in the upcoming weeks!

7 thoughts on “It’s Virgo season!

  1. I really like Virgo Nation, so many of their tweets are spot on, and I usually think horoscope stuff is such BS. A lot of what they write I can really relate to, but sometimes I feel like they word their Tweets in a way so that a LOT of people can relate, no matter what sign they are. Like that they try to be really broad in what they write. Did you ever notice that too?

  2. Thanks so much for including me in your post! I am a typical Virgo in so many ways and I love reading Virgo Nation too… I LOVE funny people, it’s so important to laugh every day 🙂 A xxx

  3. I’m an Aries myself and it fits me perfectly. Different to a Virgo though; not much for studying the world, but rather I throw myself at it, happy to fail and learn from the new experiences. Definitely not mutable! If a situation doesn’t adapt to me, I either make it fit if I want it or get very bored very quickly and move on. Star signs are fun right? 🙂

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