Friday Letters- Thanks for the lousy directions;

Current location: uni campus

Dear Urbanspoon directions;

I wanted to impress an overseas Mechanic friend so I used you to direct me to the new Mechanics’ Institute Bar in Northbridge however, you sent me to a Fitness Institute on Aberdeen St which was a little embarrassing. Thanks to Renee’s photos over at her blog, I was able to see it was located on a lane way.

(seriously, if you’re in Perth, you have no excuse not to check out this new place! It’s located on a laneway, near the corner of William St & James St mall)

Dear Perth friends;

I’m not ignoring you, I swear! With university finishing up soon & work showing no signs of slowing down, all I want to do is have a hot shower and sleep. Promise to be more available from Tuesday 30th October!

Dear Inner Sparkle;Β 

All week, you’ve been fading away and then this morning, my favourite day of the week, you were nowhere to be seen. Please don’t do this to me when I need you the most 😦

Dear tights/stockings;

You’re all horrible, horrible pieces of material. What happened to the good pairs that lasted more than a day or shock horror, a week?

Dear Perth;

Even though I’m not feeling myself today, you’re trying really hard to make things better by turning it up to 25 degrees with a max of 27 degrees. I truly appreciate it, you stunner!


4 thoughts on “Friday Letters- Thanks for the lousy directions;

  1. I’ve been sitting in school studying all morning but would much prefer to sit and study at your current location. I’ve got the rain pouring down outside the window of my study room. I’m working on an analysis which now needs to be shortened because I’ve written too much. I can relate one hundred percent to your letter to your Perth friends, my life is the same – get up, work out, go to school, study, study, study, sleep, repeat.


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