If cents were considered gold;

A couple of months ago, I spotted this house on the market (totally out of my price range but whatevz). It’s located 5 minutes drive from Fremantle Harbour with one of the most gorgeous views over the river. This week, I noticed it was still available for sale so I couldn’t help but  feature it on this blog. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll look back and think, “Oh that little old cottage?” But until then, fall in love with its beauty with me:

Imagine having breakfast here every morning? Oh my.

Even better, you could go outside!

Not phased by the view? How about a swim?

And around the house…

And from the street..

Is it obvious I was meant to live in the Mediterranean yet? Now just need to somehow come up with $35,000 per month to cover the mortgage for the next 30 years…


6 thoughts on “If cents were considered gold;

  1. You have reminded me I must check my lotto tickets! If I had a home like this I would definately find a way to work from home, I wouldnt want to leave. Then again not sure what work I would get done gazing into that pool 🙂

  2. The pool that goes around the house is very cool, love how the upper floor is built over the pool so it’s like a bridge. One day you’ll have a big beautiful house hun, I believe it.

    • As much as I love these houses, I just don’t see myself owning a big house! The bigger the house, the more crap you buy & consume which goes against what I want in life (to have a minimalist lifestyle).

      Good thing work lets me look at these sorts of houses for a living though!

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